Axel Villamil of StageKeep.

An app created by two recent U of T Scarborough alumni continues to make big moves in the dance world.

StageKeep is an online app that records movement and creates a digital copy that can be shared from user to user that is being used by choreographers in Los Angeles to even major league sports teams here in Toronto.

Most notably, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment have expressed interest and are working out a deal for the app to be used by the Raptors Dance Pak. It was recently used by a local dance school for a halftime performance at the Toronto Raptors game.

“It was a dream of mine to do something with the NBA and I was too short to do basketball so this should suffice,” jokes the company’s CEO and Founder Axel Villamil (BSc, 2017).

StageKeep is also teaming up with governing dance organizations to develop a program which would provide the app at a heavily reduced price, or in some cases for free. The program would resemble an OSAP style awards system where applicants would fill out a form to show their eligibility for a needs-based scholarship.

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