Ride with Roll: Shared Electric Scooters Now Available in Calgary

Roll E-Scooters

Roll is a Toronto-based electric scooter-sharing company that manages scooters in Canadian cities. The most recent city to see these yellow and black scooters parked in their streets is Calgary, Alberta.

In May, Roll distributed up to 500 scooters throughout the city and has found over 4,000 users. Roll is available throughout the city and rides average up to 15 minutes long. Their scooters are convenient and easy to use as they are dock-less and accessible through the Roll app, which has attracted a range of users, the total trips made are up to 2,600.

Stay-at-home orders and health concerns have shifted how people think of public transit where many commuters are gravitating towards the option of shared scooters. To ensure safe travels during COVID-19, Roll has implemented additional measures to follow public health protocols which includes equipping their warehouse staff with proper supplies and protection. Scooters are also cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily, and riders are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands before and after riding.

Roll has also launched #WeCare to promote practicing a shared responsibility to clean and manage scooters so commuters can travel safely. Roll supports the Heroes Without Capes program which includes public healthcare professionals and in Calgary by providing them free 30-minute rides and helmets daily.  

Moving forward, Roll recently received approval to launch its third pilot in Ottawa later this summer. Roll proves that active, safe, and shared public transportation is possible. With two wheels, everyone can maintain and move throughout a healthy city.

View Richard discussing his startup here. https://vimeo.com/360376531.

Learn more about Roll here: https://www.rollscooters.com/.

Or follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rollscooters/.


Article written by Jenefer Savoeung, Social Media Specialist