Oply Inc.

Andres Moreno of Oply

In December 2018, Oply, Inc. launched their new app, Gym Ting. Their team of developers consist of UTSC students Andres Moreno (CTO), Tony Nguyen (CEO), Chang Chuy (COO), and Ryerson student Melvin Milla (CDO). Between them, they have over 15 years of weight lifting experience. They always found that, at the gym, the hardest part was recording what you’ve done and planning what you will do next. They tried other apps, but found them too clunky, so they decided to solve this problem by creating their own!

Gym Ting is an app for weight lifters that want to optimise their gym routine. Gym Ting does the heavy lifting outside the gym, so you only have to focus on what’s inside the gym. Their app makes the process of training easier by tracking what you are doing at the gym, providing weekly stats to show your improvement, telling you who else is at the gym, and letting you share routines with other users, and more!

The Hub has been a great resource for the Gym Ting team. They love having the space to work and the advice from the mentors, Gray Graffam, and Donovan Dill. The Hub is also full of networking opportunities with other startups as well as industry professionals that have helped get Gym Ting get off the ground.

About 10 months ago, the team started development on their app. They worked on it tirelessly for 6 months, meeting up at a local Wendy’s almost every day. Fast-forward to today, and they have successfully launched Gym Ting on the iOS app store (android version coming soon).

As it is now, Gym Ting already has tons of amazing features to enhance your gym experience. Their routine generator is specially programmed to formulate the perfect routine for you. They also have tools to keep your calorie intake on track, see what muscles are being trained, and stay motivated with achievements and rewards!

Now, they are working on implementing more features for Gym Ting, such as specific information for women, customisation for specific gyms, and potentially bringing on professional coaches for the users to engage with.

The possibilities of where this momentum can lead are virtually limitless and we at the hub will keep you posted on new developments on this app as it grows!

Learn more about Oply here: oply.ca

And don’t forget to download their app for free here: App Store

Android release coming very soon!

Article by Amanda Taylor