Natural Organic Matters

Chevon Riley of NORM.

Chevon Riley has a passion for natural beauty products. As a graduating chemist, he was drawn to building his company, Natural Organic Matters (NORM). The company itself launched during U of T's True Blue Showcase at MaRS last Spring, where its first product, a natural body balm made of fruit, almond, and hazelnut oils.

View Chevon discussing his startup on Youtube.

Says Chevon, "What we do is use natural ingredients to form different products for different ethnic groups, ages and purposes, such as acne, wrinkled skin, exema, burns, and more."

Chevon is working hard to have NORM take off, to provide a number of natural beauty products to its Canadian customers. He aims to build the company, where it will grow and eventually provide a substantial source of revenue for himself and others.

Currently, Chevon is building his sales team, and forming his online store. Look for NORM products, soon to be on Amazon.

And of course, Chevon takes great pride in using his products himself, as a way to stay natural and healthy and avoid the harmful chemicals that are placed into other products.