Embody Ibuchi’s Africa-inspired Activewear


Ibuchi started with a vibrant, colourful pair of leggings designed by Ifeoma Amaechi. Others noticed the look as something infused with culture and unique in activewear. “I don’t see clothes like this so I’m going to create it myself,” Amaechi said.

In 2019, Amaechi founded Ibuchi, an activewear company with African-inspired clothing. Amaechi is a longtime volleyball player that wanted athletic clothing that felt personal and like herself, Amaechi explained that “most clothes were neutral or monotone and I wanted something different and cool, I’m also Nigerian and we are known for wearing lots of prints.”

Ibuchi invites everyone to learn about Africa and its many colours, patterns and styles.  The current collection includes ‘staple pieces’ from West Africa. “There’s parts of my culture that the media does not see,” Amaechi said, “West Africa is extremely vibrant, extremely rich and extremely colourful.”

In the future, Amaechi plans to expand catalogues with clothing that represents more regions within Africa. Ibuchi uses fashion to invite people into the culture, rebrand Africa and educate others. Each piece has a meaning that is rooted in culture and celebrations. “I chose prints that represent an attitude or a space that someone can embody when they wear Ibuchi,” Amaechi said, “and it is about feeling active, healthy and connecting to one’s inner self.”

Ibuchi focuses on wellness and positive mental health. The name ‘Ibuchi’ means chi and having faith in God, air, and IBO (one of Nigeria’s ethnic groups) and the sun on the logo emulates nature and wholeness.

Ibuchi has been years in the making and Amaechi has put time and care into her products. She is anti-fast fashion and invests in high quality clothes. Fast fashion is the excessive mass production of clothing that involves harmful dying processes and textile waste. According to Daily Mail UK, discarded second-hand clothes are imported to countries like Africa and pile up in landfills.

Amaechi is conscious of her company’s environmental impact, so Ibuchi’s collections have a specific number of items in stock and most materials used are sourced from within or made in Canada and the company vows to be at least 80% sustainable from the fabric use to the packaging material.

Ibuchi is more than just in activewear brand, it is a company that cares about sustainability, the world and Africa. “We want our customers to embody a piece of the strength, power and beauty behind the continent,” Amaechi said. Ibuchi recently relaunched their website, check out the collection through the details below.

·      Shop Ibuchi: https://ibuchi.ca/

·      Follow Ibuchi: https://www.instagram.com/ibuchiofficial/

·      Watch Sell It In 60 – Ibuchi: https://youtu.be/bYRdBWNjxjc

·      Watch Coaching Session with Ibuchi: https://youtu.be/Igf79yo4Ptk


-- article by Jenefer Savoeung