Who We Are

The BRIDGE is a multi-purpose academic space that spans teaching, study, research, and experiential learning for business, finance, and entrepreneurship. It is a partnership between UTSC’s Management department and the UTSC Library.

Our Mission

  • Create outstanding experiential learning opportunities for students
  • Engage in deep and meaningful collaboration with faculty
  • Effectively integrate professional and academic skills into academic courses
  • Collect high-quality digital and print resources

Our Framework

Business Research Group

Best-in-Class Business Research Centre

Students learn how to access and analyze premier sources of real-time data, market intelligence, industry research, and company profiles.


Classroom in progress

Innovative Thinking and Doing

Supported by academic rigour and faculty mentorship, allowing students to experience a real-life environment for business.


Students interacting with professionals

Bridging Theory and Practice

Integrating academic theory with industry practice through co-curricular competitions, workshops, and career-readiness coaching.