UTSC Library Foundational Data Literacy Skills Course

poster for the data literacy skills program
The UTSC Library is offering comprehensive online course in Foundational Data Literacy Skills. This free resource is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff, faculty, librarians, community members, and the general public. 


Learn at Your Own Pace  

Our course is designed for students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. With a range of modules covering topics such as cleaning data, sorting, and pivot tables, you can choose the areas you need to focus on most. 

Easy-to-Use Modules 

Our Foundational Data Literacy Series is open to everyone and is easily accessible through U of T’s learning platform, Quercus. With both Google Sheets and MS Excel used in the course, it extends the reach of the library's data literacy instruction into the community where access to Microsoft products may not be available. 

In-Course Integration for Instructors 

Faculty can assign specific modules into their courses, where introductory data skills are required. With 10 self-directed modules on Quercus and accompanying quizzes, faculty can assign as many or as few as needed.  

Earn CCR Credit  

To receive co-curricular credit, students must complete the following requirements: 

  • Complete all 10 self-directed modules on Quercus 

  • Pass all module quizzes 

  • Submit a one-page reflection connecting what they learned about data to their personal, academic, or professional trajectory. 

Start Your Data Literacy Journey Today! Sign up for the UTSC Library Foundational Data Literacy Skills Course and take your data literacy skills to the next level. With our open and accessible course, you can learn at your own pace and earn CCR credit for your efforts. Sign up now