Reserve Spaces and Technology

Library with chairs, bookcase, computer screen, information desk


The BRIDGE provides users with a collaborative space that models the corporate business environment. There is access to soft seating, study space, group-meeting areas, computer terminals, and technology, as well as research materials.  

We offer three distinct spaces on the ground floor of the Instructional Centre building that are for events or meetings. We have technology available to reserve, including screens and presentation tools to support presentations, video conferencing, and more. See Space Descriptions and Reservations.

Technology available for booking

SmartTV (Mobile) 

Large TV screen in BRIDGE Library (fixed location - BRIDGE Library) 

Video conferencing software: 


Skype for Business  

(fixed location – BRIDGE Library IC110) 

Teaching Lab (fixed location, BRIDGE Lab, IC108) 

Space Descriptions

Bookcase with books, large TV and soft seating and tablesThe BRIDGE and the UTSC Library hold an extensive collection of business information in print and digital formats. Staff provide teaching and learning services, and research support for UTSC’s community of business researchers and entrepreneurs.

The Library includes soft seating for reading or study, as well as several bookshelves housing popular reading materials, reference materials such as CPA, CFA and FRM study prep, and books on leadership, entrepreneurship and startups, business planning, finance, and quantitative finance. Please note that course reserves will remain in the UTSC Library.


Computer lab with computers and monitors, large screens

The BRIDGE Lab is a state-of-the-art experiential learning computer lab featuring 4 Bloomberg terminals and 50 regular terminals with powerful, specialized software including Capital IQ and FactSet among others. The space is restricted to students currently enrolled in Management courses.



Boardroom with chairs and table, large monitor on wall



The BRIDGE Boardroom is a modern and sleek space for internal and external stakeholder meetings. The Boardroom includes leather chairs, large table space and a screen to facilitate presentations or to connect with remote partners. The Boardroom, like all our BRIDGE spaces, is designed to replicate the look and feel of a Bay Street financial office for the premiere business experience right on UTSC Campus. 



Reserve Spaces and Technology

Policy for Space Bookings 

The BRIDGE is available for bookings by current UTSC staff, students, and faculty for events that support the mission and vision of The BRIDGE.  

The BRIDGE is an academic teaching space, therefore bookings can only be made at the beginning of the term, once the academic course calendar is confirmed by the Registrar’s Office.  

Priority is given to academic bookings, including lectures, tutorials, workshops, presentations, and seminars related to academic courses, where our technology and software is required.  

Co-curricular events, competitions, board meetings, student club events, and departmental bookings can be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Student bookings must have a staff or faculty supervisor.  

How to create a booking

Contact us with your request. Include the following information:

Contact information 

  • First Name, Last Name 

  • Email address 

  • Phone number 

  • Role at the university and current status (student, staff, faculty, librarian, other)

Event Details 

  • Title of event 

  • Affiliation (Department, Club) 

  • If student club, name of staff or faculty supervisor 

  • Date 

  • Start time, End time 

  • Audience 

  • Approximate number of attendees 

  • Will food or drink be served 

  • Will audiovisual equipment be required 

  • Setup/Takedown requirements 

Spaces and technology required

  • Spaces (Lab, Library, and/or Boardroom)

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