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S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a research and data analysis tool used to retrieve information on public & private companies, including: financial statements, M&A activity debt, equity offerings and IPOs, corporate executives, compensation, comparable companies, precedent transactions, custom charts, macroeconomic data, financial modeling and company news.

How to use the Excel Add-in:


PC users: 

The excel plug in can be downloaded on your machine.  Log into Capital IQ > Find the menu on the left-hand side of the screen > My Profile > Downloads. This will bring up the link for the excel-plug in download.  


Mac users:  

You will need to “dual-boot” or run a parallel to install a windows machine on iOS. There is a version that comes free in the App Store, Apple Bootcamp, for newer Macs. 


Subject Type
Bridge Lab Resources, Company Information, Financial Data, News Articles

Subscription Type
UTSC Subscription

How To Access

Faculty Staff & Students May request by filling out the form.

Capital IQ