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Masters of Accounting and Finance

Masters of Accounting and Finance

Co-op Research Guides

COPD03: Preparing to Compete for Your Co-op Work Term - Sciences

COPD07: Management Co-op Work Term Preparation

Accounting Research Guides

MGAB02: Introductory Financial Accounting II

MGAC02: Intermediate Financial Accounting II

Economics Research Guides

MGEC51: Labour Economics

MGEC54: Economics and Training

MGED50: Workshop in Economic Research

Finance Research Guides

MGFB10: Principles of Finance

MGFC30: Introduction to Derivative Markets

MGFD10: Investments

MGFD40: Investor Psychology and Behavioural Finance

Human Resources Research Guides

MGHC02: Management Skills

MGHD28: Compensation

International Business Research Guides

MGIB02: International Organizational Behaviour

MGIC02: International Leadership Skills

Marketing Research Guides

MGMA01: Principles of Marketing

MGMB01: Marketing Management

Strategic Management Research Guides

MGSB22: Entrepreneurship

MGSC20: Consulting & Contracting: New Ways of Work

Other Research Guides

MGTA35: Management Communications