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Help with Management Courses

Your course research guide is a customized guide that supports your assignment’s research and data requirements. We work directly with faculty to provide the best research training to help you succeed in your courses. 

Master of Accounting and Finance

Master of Accounting and Finance

MAF1002: Strategy, Governance and Management Accounting

MAF4002: Advanced Seminar in Accounting and Finance II

Management Co-op Research Guides

COPB10/12/14: Advancing your Career Exploration

Management Research Guides

MGAB02: Introductory Financial Accounting II

MGAC02: Intermediate Financial Accounting II

MGAD40: Management Control Systems

MGAD45: Corporate Governance & Strategy

MGEC40: Economics of Organization and Management

MGEC51: Labour Economics

MGEC54: Economics and Training

MGED50: Workshop in Economic Research

MGFB10: Principles of Finance

MGFC30: Introduction to Derivative Markets

MGFD40: Investor Psychology and Behavioural Finance

MGHB02: Managing People & Groups in Organizations

MGHB12: Human Resource Management

MGHC02: Management Skills v.1 | MGHC02 v.2

MGHC23: Diversity in the Workplace

MGHD25: Human Resources Recruitment and Selection

MGHD28: Compensation

MGIB02: International Organizational Behaviour

MGIC02: International Leadership Skills

MGMA01: Principles of Marketing

MGMB01: Marketing Management

MGMC01: Market Research

MGMC13: Pricing Strategy

MGMD01: Applied Marketing Models

MGOD30: Business Data Analytics

MGSB22: Entrepreneurship

MGSC20: Consulting & Contracting: New Ways of Work

MGSD24: New Venture Creation and Planning

MGTA05: Foundations of Business Management

MGTA35: Management Communications


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