The BRIDGE Excel Learning Series: Pre-beginner Level

The BRIDGE Excel Learning Series: Pre-beginner level introduces learners to the most common Excel functions used by students and professionals for basic data analysis.

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01 - Basic Functions: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT
Learn what the SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT functions are, and how to apply them.
02 - Basic Functions: ROUND, INT, MAX
Learn what the ROUND, INT and MAX functions are, and their applications.
03 - Basic Functions: Comparison Operators
Learn how to use comparison operators.
04 - Logical Operators: AND, OR, NOT
Learn how to use the AND, OR, and NOT operators​.
05 - Basic Functions: IF
Identify the purpose and uses of the IF function.
06 - Basic Functions: SUMIF, COUNTIF
Learn about SUMIF and COUNTIF, and how to Identify potential causes for error when using these functions.
07 - Different Standard Deviation Functions: Part 1
Develop the ability to differentiate between the different standard deviation functions.
08 - Different Standard Deviation Part 2
See an example of how to apply standard deviation concepts.
09 - The Use of Filters
Learn about filter shortcuts and options.
10 - Data filtering
Learn how to format cells to prepare an unorganized dataset​, and the applications of formatting data.
11 - Using Shortcuts Part 1
Learn about various Excel shortcuts.
12 - Using Shortcuts Part 2
Learn how to identify more complex shortcuts in Excel.
13 - Dates
Learn to input dates and extract information from dates​, and how to use date features to prepare an unorganized data set.