The BRIDGE Excel Learning Series

Welcome to The BRIDGE Excel Learning Series

Data analysis, spreadsheet skills and data visualization are essential skills in today's economy and are required more and more in academic courses and professional roles.  The three levels of this series ranges from the basic Excel functions through to advanced analysis. The videos are designed to help anyone gain an understanding and practice with Excel using real datasets.  Each video is under 3 minutes, and includes downloadable slides and a practice dataset to enhance your learning experience. 

Upon completion of the series, learners will be able to use the common functions of Excel, perform mathematical functions, clean, organize and analyze data, while making forecasted predictions, and more. 

Make the most of your learning experience

  • The videos are best viewed in sequential order and with the dataset open in another window for you to practice as you watch videos. 
  • Each video includes downloadable slides and a practice spreadsheet. 

Who can use these resources?

  • These instructional materials are open educational resources and we welcome all users from within and outside of the University of Toronto community to follow, learn, and share. 
  • These resources fall under Creative Commons copyright, meaning they can be reused and adapted with credit. 
  • Faculty can embed the videos, slides, and practice spreadsheets in Quercus classes. Please refer to these instructions for guidance.

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