Test Scanning Services

NOTICE: The CTL Scan-Services drop box has been moved. It is no longer under the stairs in the library, but instead is on the left-side wall as you enter the Library just past the info desk. The box says CTL Drop Box: For Faculty Use Only. When possible, please drop off testscan packages between 9 am – 4 pm each day. Drop-off of packages to Judy Brunton (IC365, north campus) has not changed.


Many faculty administer multiple choice tests as part of the assessment process for a course. CTL's Scan Services uses an electronic scanner to process multiple choice answer sheets for U of T Scarborough courses and generate reports for faculty.

We guarantee a 2 business day turn around time for all tests that are booked 5 business days in advance provided the tests are delivered to the drop box on the day we were told they would be delivered.

There are 5 steps:

1. BOOK YOUR TEST SCORING JOB: Please book your test at least **5 business days** in advance. Send an email to scan-services@utsc.utoronto.ca with the name of the class and the details of the test scoring job.

2. GIVE THE MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST/EXAM: Students MUST clearly indicate a student number and last name.

3. PREPARE YOUR TEST SCORING JOB: All tests must be accompanied by an envelope with a Cover sheet and an Answer Key for proper processing.

  • If you will be giving multiple tests with different orders of the same questions, you will need a separate packet for each variation that includes a unique answer key.

  • These forms are available from your department's administrative assistants. (See right sidebar)

  • If multiple envelopes are needed, please band them together and specify X of Y envelopes on the cover sheets (no boxes please).

  • Attach a copy of the completed forms to each test envelope submitted.

4. SUBMIT YOUR TEST. Please deliver all envelopes to U of T Scarborough Library Services during library hours. The box is located under the stairs near the front of the Library, and labeled CTL DROP BOX. Before submitting the tests please ensure that ALL tests have student numbers included. If some tests are missing numbers that slows down the test scoring process.


  • With respect to observing FIPPA regulations, we reserve the right to require instructors to pick up test scoring service results on physical media, either from our scanning service technicians, or from their department, rather than emailing them.


Useful documents:

UT Optical mark recognition grade upload tool instructions for Quercus