Quizzical Student Guide

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1. Disclaimer Statement

When you first log-in to Quizzical, you will see a disclaimer statement. Often your instructor will select the best questions from Quizzical to use on assessments within your course. If you opt-in and accept by selecting “YES”, this grants permission for the questions you generate in Quizzical to be used in exams, quizzes, or other learning related activities. This can be a real advantage to you as questions you’ve already answered in the “Practice Quiz” may re-appear on a real assessment.

2. Dashboard

Your dashboard displays your activity on the Quizzical course. It is divided into three parts: quiz questions you composed or need to compose (My Questions), graphs of the question pool and progress statistics (Quiz Statistics), and information about your current performance in the Quizzical course (My Progress).

My Questions

The course instructor has set up the Quizzical course in way that each student is assigned a specific number of assignments to submit throughout the course. An assignment consists of a number of questions that a student is assigned to compose. Each question is linked to a particular lecture, and should be designed to test knowledge about a particular lecture content.

For example, this dashboard shows that the student has been assigned four different assignments for lectures 1 through 4, and needs to submit two questions per assignment. However, in most cases you will only submit one question per assignment, on a given lecture.

Lec .No: The lecture number you have been assigned to submit questions for. Lectures are numbered sequentially, so Lecture 1 is the first lecture in the course, Lecture 2 is for the second, etc. In many cases you will be assigned once or twice throughout the term, in which case you will be able to track your assignment due dates using the dashboard.

Lecture Date: The date when the actual lecture class took or will take place.

Question Number: The question number in this particular assignment. Question numbers are also numbered sequentially per lecture.

Due Date: The due date of the assignment. The instructor determines whether or not to expire overdue questions. Please make sure to submit your questions before the due date.

TA: The teaching assistant assigned to review your submissions. TAs will be assigned after a question is composed and submitted.

Grade: The grade you received for a question. Grades are provided by either the TA or the instructor

Status: Question which have not yet been completed can have four different status:

  • Active: The lecture date has arrived and you have not yet submitted the question. You must submit the question by the specified due date.
  • Requires Editing: You submitted a question, and it was graded. Some feedback has been provided on how to improve the question, and you have until the due date to complete your question submission.
  • Inactive: The lecture has not yet been delivered. You cannot compose questions for lectures that will take place in a future date.
  • Expired: The question due date has passed. You will not be allowed to compose the question (unless allowed by the instructor)

Action: The particular action that you need to do for the question, depending on the question status. The example above shows that all questions are still Active, and thus the required action is to Compose the questions.

Quiz Statistics

The Quiz Statistics displays graphical representations of Quiz Pool Statistics, which is presented on a per lecture basis.  This helps you to recognize what you know and where you are having problems.  On the second graph, your overall performance on the course quizzes is shown chronologically, so that you can see how well you consistently engage with the course material. 

You can choose to display data for a specific date range, or to show only valid participation marks. Valid participation marks are received for a lecture if:

  • the quiz was attempted within a set number of days from the lecture date
  • a minimum number of questions were attempted for a lecture, and
  • a minimum score was received in a quiz

Note: All three settings are determined by the instructor.

At the bottom of the student dashboard, ‘My Progress’ displays the

  • Overall average you received in your quizzes to date
  • Your leaderboard rank in the class.
  • The number of Quizzical questions you attempted in the course.
  • The number of lectures for which you received valid participation marks. 


3. Compose a Question

You can start composing a question by clicking the Compose button of an active lecture on your dashboard.

Enter the question details:

-       Category: whether the question tests a student’s ability to recall information (Recall) or apply knowledge acquired in different situations (Application). You can click the blue question mark icon for more information about the two question categories.

-       Question: the question text. You can use the different formatting options in the question editor to highlight or emphasize text.

-       Reference:  page number or figure number available in the course material that students can refer to while answering the question.

-       Select Figure (as per course settings): depending on the course settings, you may be required to select a figure to add to your question. If figures are not required, this field will not be displayed.

Note: Figures should have already been uploaded to the Quizzical course by the instructor. Contact your instructor if you cannot find the figure you need.

Quizzical requires you to enter five different answer options (A through E) for each question. Depending on the course settings, entering justifications for answers may be optional or required. Select the correct answer by clicking on the radio button beside the correct option.

When you compose your question, keep in mind that the answer justifications, the reference and the figure (if required) will only be displayed after the question gets answered. These are intended solely for review purposes. Importantly, the question must be composed such that sufficient information exists in the question itself for the correct answer to be selected.

Enter the answer details:

At any point, you can click Save as draft to save what you have entered if you wish to review and submit later. Once you have completed all required fields, click Review to have your question screened to determine if all rules have been followed.

Click Proceed and Submit to submit your question. Click Go Back to go back and edit your question.

A submitted question is given a Submitted status. It is ready to be reviewed and graded by the TA or instructor.


4. Question Status (after Submission)

You can visit your dashboard to view changes to your questions’ status and perform the required actions. Depending on the question review done by your TA or instructor, the question status can be updated to the following:


An accepted question is a question that has been reviewed and accepted by your TA or instructor. 

Whether an accepted question is added to the quiz pool depends on the grade received, as well as on the instructor’s decision.

Click View to view your submission details and any comments added by the TA or instructor.

Requires Editing

A question that requires editing is a question that the TA or instructor decided to send back for you to review.

Click Re-Submit to open the question editor and update the question. You will be able to see any comments added by your instructor or TA that can help you make the required edits.

2nd Submission

A question that you have re-submitted after review will have a 2nd Submission status. 

A resubmitted question can either be accepted or rejected by the TA or instructor, but cannot be sent back for student review once again.

Click View to view your submission details and any comments added by the TA or instructor.


A rejected question is one that the instructor or TA decided should not be accepted or reviewed.

Click View to view your submission details and any comments added by the TA or instructor.


5. Writing Effective Questions

The Writing Effective Questions Tab is a guide to how to author effective questions.  Please take some time to go through it and understand its sections.


6. Take a Quiz

Click the Take a Quiz tab begin taking practice quizzes about what you learned in the different lectures of your course. Questions in the practice quizzes are those that were submitted by students enrolled in the course and added to the Quizzical question pool.

Practice quizzes help you prepare formal exams. You may take practice quizzes as many times as you like. Each quiz will include a set number of questions (determined by your instructor) that are randomly selected from a lecture’s question pool.

The page will display a summary of the number of questions available in every lecture question pool, the number of questions you attempted, number of questions you did not attempt, and the average score you received for all attempts in the specific lecture pool.  This average mark is a good indicator of whether you have mastered the topics in that lecture, or perhaps need to conduct further review of those topics for which you’ve earned lower scores.

Select the lecture you want to attempt a quiz for and click Begin Quiz.

Questions will be displayed on the screen one at a time. The timer on the upper right-hand corner is used to simulate a live test environment. A warning message will be displayed if you exceed the allowed time, but you will be able to answer the question with no effect on your score. Keep in mind the length of time it takes for you to correctly answer a question – it is recommended that you keep practicing until you are able to complete the quiz within the allotted time to ensure best results during formal exams in the course.

After answering a question click Review to review your answer result.

Note: You need to rate the question before moving on to the next one.  This gives your instructor information on which questions you feel are good (or not so good!). Click Next to move to the next question in the Quiz, or Done if you have finished answering all questions in a Quiz.

After finishing a quiz, a Quiz Performance Summary will be displayed showing your overall performance in the Quiz.

Click Take Another Quiz if you wish to start another quiz.

Good luck!