Quercus: What, Why, and When?

Academic Toolbox Renewal - University of Toronto

The ultimate goal of the University’s Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative is to create a strong foundation upon which instructors, departments and divisions can make flexible, sound choices about educational technologies, while ensuring basic enterprise needs are met (like protecting private data and intellectual property, among others).

The Blackboard Learning Portal had nott changed significantly in the last decade. Feedback from the University community was that the web interface for the Portal is clunky and out of date, and it doesn’t flow the way people would like. It was also hard for instructors to incorporate new tools into their teaching. Instead of an all-inclusive single website with built-in tools, our future replacement for the Learning Portal needed to be a web interface that feels much more like a smart phone. Like a smart phone, the new environment should have an “operating system” with some core functionality (the ‘Learning Management Engine’). And like a smart phone, the new environment should have an ‘app store’ with integrated teaching and learning apps, and a way for instructors and students to suggest or build new apps. And of course, the new environment needed a cleaner, more contemporary user interface.

For more information, please visit: About the Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative