A Blackboard organization is similar to an intranet channel: it is an online community collaboration space for project or working groups where all the learning management system tools--document-sharing + permissions, discussion boards, group email are available. Blackboard organizations are created manually and require a UTORid; organizations you are subscribed to appear on your "My Page" automatically. If you are seeking an organization, click the 'Community' tab to access the Organization Catalogue. Both Blackboard organizations and intranet channels are available to campus groups wishing to collaborate online.

The life cycle of an organization is:

  • request a new organization. A paragraph describing the organization and its mission is helpful, since the organization name and purpose appears to others in the tri-campus community > organization catalogue. ( )
  • enrol users by clicking [Edit Users] and adding UTORids OR post self-enrolment instructions.
  • obtain training in the use of Blackboard's collaboration tools during this startup phase.
  • monitor contributions from members to ensure effective collaboration is occurring and copyright and FIPPA concerns are being addressed.
  • at the end of the project or your involvement, make the organization unavailable, arrange for it to be deleted, or pass the leader role


The tri-campus community uses organizations extensively to share materials online. Click the tab beside 'My Page', which is 'Community' to browse the Organization Catalog.

Blackboard Community Organizations screen shot

Searching 'a little bird' will locate a sample organization. You may enrol yourself by clicking the [Enrol] button on the right and entering the password 'letmein'.

Screen shot of Blackboard 9 self-enrolment screen (w/ password)

And now you are enrolled...

Screen shot of a Blackboard test organization

To explore Blackboard 'organizations' further, please contact Brian Sutherland or Adon Irani: [].