Importing Test Scanning/iClicker Data


You must first (only once, per course shell) activate the OpScan tool. This is a two-step process.

1. Open your course shell and expand the Customization section of the Course Management menu – then click on “Tool Availability”.

2. Find “UT Opscan Upload” in the list of tools on the Tool Availability page – check its box, and click Submit.


Loading Remark/Scantron RESULTS into your Blackboard Grade Center

Before you begin --

1. Have you received you test results from scan-services? It will arrive as an email containing a detailed set of reports (.PDF file), and a Microsoft Excel data file (*_gradedata.CSV). You will need to have the .CSV file saved on your computer (e.g. Desktop) before you proceed. 

2. Do you have column in your course’s Grade Center for the results to be loaded into? If no, you will first want to create this. For Grade Center assistance, please visit our website at or contact us directly:

Adon Irani ( or Brian Sutherland (

Ready to Proceed?


STEP 2/3 – Using the Opscan Upload Tool

Step 2A: Locate the “ID” column containing student numbers, as shown above. Use the dropdown above this column to select Student. 

Step 2B: Scroll in the web browser to the far right, and locate the “Total Score” column. Use the dropdown above this column to select Grade

Once you had indicated both columns, click the Submit button.

Step 3/3 – Review Results

Step 3B: If you see numbers in Column B, this means that there are grades that have not been imported! This will occur when a student has not correctly indicated their student number on their Scantron answer sheet. In this case, you will likely want to review the physical answer sheets from your students to cross-reference these results. A record of these import results can be saved to your computer using the “Download These Results to a .csv File”.

Step 3C: If you see students listed in this column, it means that they missed the test and were not included in the imported grade data!


Upon completion of Step 3, the grade data will be automatically updated in your course shell Grade Center.  As a check and balance, you may want to load up the grade center to confirm that the results look proper. For instance, when you load grade data into a column *it is crucial that the Points Possible for the column exactly equals the number of questions on the Remark/Scantron forms. 

For Grade Center assistance, please visit our website at or contact us directly: Adon Irani ( or Brian Sutherland (

Synchronizing iGrader with Blackboard Registration

Courtesy of Blackboard support at the UTM Library.

To further explore the integration of Blackboard's grade center with test scanning services, please contact Brian Sutherland or Adon Irani: [].