Frequently Asked Questions


See how a student views the course?

  • Turning off the Edit Mode (switch icon, upper right) provides a student view of the course contents
  • Content areas and items which are set to “unavailable” will not be visible with the edit mode switched off
  • Content area which are available but have not items defined will also not be visible with the edit mode switched off

Enroll my students?

  • Students are automatically enrolled or removed on a daily basis from ROSI.  All registration enquiries should be referred to the Registrar.

Enroll my TAs (and other staff)?

  • From 'Course Tools' on the lower left of the screen, select the 'UT Manage Users' tool to add your course staff

Allow a guest to access my course?

  • Ask the guest for his/her UTORid, then use 'UT Manage Users' to add the person as a guest.

Make my course available?

  • Select Customization > Properties
  • Set 'Make My Course Available' to 'Yes', then click Submit.  [text instructions]

Customize my course interface to make it easier to navigate to key content areas?

  • At the top of the course navigation menu, click the plus sign to add menu items 
  • Select the double-downward arrow context icon to the right of each menu item to rename, show, hide or delete the item

Time the availability of course content for student access:

  • Within content areas, individual items can be scheduled to turn 'on' and 'off' at the right time by setting the 'availability' of the item.  This can help students focus on current material, and make the course seem less overwhelming

Access a list of my students?

  • On the 'Course Management' panel, select 'Grade Center'.
  • When your class list appears, look on the right for the 'Work Offline' link, then select 'Download'.
  • This will produce an Excel spreadsheet.  [text instructions]

Create course groups?

  • Select the 'UT Manage Groups' tool, then create groups bound to tutorials, projects or self-signup.
  • This is a powerful and sophisticated tool.  [detailed instructions]

Communicate with my students and other course members via email?

  • From 'Course Tools', select 'Send Email', then the target group, e.g. TA's.
  • Current TA's are displayed with the option to email and cc.  [text instructions, video]

Post an announcement?

  • From 'Course Tools', select 'Announcement'.
  • Compose the message, then select when it will be posted and if you would like to overrride student preferences.
  • Announcements in Blackboard are automatically emailed.  [text instructions]

Use discussion boards to increase conversations between course participants?

  • From 'Course Tools' select 'Discussion', then the course, then the 'Add Forum' button
  • Select from various options: ability to edit postings, post documents, apply grades, set up email notification, etc.
  • Once your forum is created, post an introductory message to introduce the use of the tool in the course
  • Increase the visibility of the discussion tool by making it one click from the course menu.  Select [ + ], then Course Tools > Discussion [text instructions]

Post grades in the Grade Centre?

  • Select 'Grade Center', then 'Add Column'
  • Enter the title of the assignment, and the score value
  • Click 'Submit', then enter the grades  [text instructions]

Create assignments through which students can upload work?

  • Within a content area, select 'Create Assessment' > 'Assignment', then specify the name and grade score values. [text instructions]

Give quizzes and tests via Blackboard assessments?

  • Within a content area, select 'Create Assessment' > 'Tests', then select a test or pool [text instructions]

Survey course members?

Backup my grade book?

  • From the Grade Centre, select 'Work Offline', then download the Excel spreadsheet [text instructions]

Backup my course?

Create and access my courses?

  • Blackboard shells are automatically created for all lecture, tutorial and practical sections.
  • Instructors are automatically enrolled for all lecture sections.
  • Tutorial and practical sections require manual enrolments for faculty - contact

Create a single course from multiple course sections?

  • Use the 'UT Course Grafter' module to combine sections.
  • Select 'Add Module' on your home page to enable the UT Course Grafter.  Once it is visible, select the sections you want to combine, and a new course should appear in 'My Courses'  [text instructions]