FAQ for Instructors

Answers intended to address instructor questions.


How does the functionality of the Quercus (Canvas) LME compare to the U of T Portal?

Almost anything that could be done in the Blackboard portal can currently be done in Quercus.  Third-party tools will be integrated into Quercus soon.  A Feature Comparison Chart for U of T Instructors and Course Staff has been prepared.

I have course materials and teaching resources stored on Portal (Blackboard). Can I transfer them to Canvas?

Yes. Not all components of a Blackboard 9.1 course can be imported into Canvas, but most can. Though it is possible to import entire sites, as some types of content will be lost and the organization is different.  It is recommend that instructors take a strategic approach: creating from new when possible, exporting and importing only certain areas as needed. There is more information in the Content Migration section of this site.

I would like to learn more about Canvas. Are there online guides or resources to help me get started?

Instructor guides are available on the Canvas Community website.

Please also review the Training & Workshop options listed on this web site.

What is a Sandbox Course?

A Sandbox course is a space created for an individual instructor to experiment with Quercus.

Initially, Sandbox courses have no content added to them and only the one instructor added. Instructors are encouraged to experiment with the new functionality offered and add colleagues and support individuals as needed.

Instructors can experiment with adding and importing content and different ways of organizing a course. Unlike an academic course calendar based course shell, the Sandbox course’s lack of other members makes experimentation easier because otherwise unwanted notifications and other items are not being sent. While experimenting instructors may want to take advantage of the feature in Settings to Reset Course Content and start over.

Sandbox sites can also be used a sources to import content into future academic course calendar based course shells.