ExamSoft Pilot

Pilot Project Overview

Over the last 5-10 years, many higher ed. institutions, including a number of UofT academic units, have transitioned from paper exams to online versions aiming to improve the efficiency of administering exams and to offer them in a format that the majority of students are more comfortable with. Experience from other institutions confirms that digital exams tend to increase efficiency, validity, reliability, and transparency of the process. There is also pedagogic research that suggests that providing immediate feedback to student regarding exam performance significantly improves the learning of material, as opposed to receiving feedback days or weeks later. Finally, in a time when almost all students bring their computing devices to class for note taking, on-site research and active classroom participation, institutions are looking to align the assessment portion of students’ learning with the tools that students are most familiar and comfortable with.


ExamSoft AND Examplify

ExamSoft is the backend online testing software that UTSC is evaluating during this pilot. Examplify is the software that students will use, either on their own devices or in a computer lab, to take the exam.

Included in this pilot is support direct from the vendor:

Website: https://examsoft.com/support

Telephone: 1-866-429-8889


Additional Support Resources - from the Faculty perspective

LOGIN to create assessments: https://prod-ui.examsoft.io/login?institutioncode=utsc

Search the ExamSoft knowledge base.


Additional Support Resources - for Students

Download Examplify: http://university.examsoft.com/h/i/330414072-download-examplify-for-win-mac/253522

Search the Examplify knowledge base.