Adding TA's to a Course

Blackboard enables all kinds of instructional staff to play an active part in the online course experience.


About Blackboard Roles

The Instructor has access to all teaching functions and tools within Blackboard.
A few specialized tools might need enabling, using Customization > Tool Availability. 
New tools being piloted may require contacting to have them set up.

The Teaching Assistant assists with posting documents and announcements, moderates the discussion board, and may post or modify grades in the Grade Center.  This role suits senior TA's who will be actively participating in the course.

The Course Builder helps to develop the course by posting documents, announcements and discussion items but he/she does not have access to grading information in the Grade Center. This role suits Instructional Librarians, Writing Centre staff, colleagues who are mentoring students in the course, and academic-oriented student services, such as AccessAbility faciliators.  Course builders cannot remove forums from the discussion board or archive the course. 

The Grader is the opposite of the course builder: this suits individuals whose only role is to reference course materials and provide support for grading assignments course. Graders have the ability to add or edit information in the Grade Center and to post announcements. However, the Grader cannot add or change course content. 

The Guest role is essentially that of a student, but should NOT be used for actual students as this will interfere with normal enrolment with ROSI registration and may result in the student NOT RECEIVING CREDIT for the course.  The Guest role suits visiting instructors, special guests, peers and colleagues, but it requires a UTORid.


Adding Individuals to Course Roles

To add a TA to a Blackboard course, first obtain the individual's UTORid, usually by asking them.

     1.  Go to Control Panel. Click on Course Tools.

     2.  Select UT Manage Users.

Screen shot of UT Manage Users toolScreen shot of Blackboard 9.1 U of T manage users tool

     3.  Enter the UTORid for the Teaching Assistant or course staff member and click Go.

     4.  Then, from the Add Role drop down menu, choose a role (e.g. TA, Grader, etc.). Click Add and then click OK.

Screen shot of Blackboard 9.1 UT Manage Users add a TA

And you're done!


Remove access to a course

In some situations, you may need to limit a course member's access to the course.  The steps are similar to those above:

     1.  Go to Control Panel. Click on Course Tools.

     2.  Select UT Manage Users.

     3.  Enter the UTORid for the Teaching Assistant, course staff member or student and click Go.

     4.  Then, from the Add Role drop down menu, choose 'Unavailable'. Click Change.