UTSC Green Courses

Recognizing U of T Scarborough courses that are taking steps to reduce the use of paper.  Professors, Teaching Assistants and course administrators can fill out self-assessment forms.

Follow the three simple steps:

  1. Complete the online UTSC Green Courses Self Assessment form
  2. Re-certify your course every year by simply using the online Re-Certification form if you have no major changes.

We will then send you the U of T Scarborough Green Course logo to place on your syllabus and course website along with a PowerPoint slide to share with your class.

We realize that universities and colleges utilize thousands of reams of paper annually in various office and course related documents. UTSC uses an average of 12000 reams or 6,000,000 sheets of paper per year with even more paper bought by individual departments. However, a great portion of paper usage comes from the student body since they regularly print course related materials.

This initiative allows for faculty and staff to strive towards environmental consciousness by reducing the amount of paper that is used, which is an act of micro-sustainability. Furthermore, it reflects the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12 (responsible consumption and production), #13 (climate action) and #15 (life on land)


Instructor resources: Electronic assignment submissions through Blackboard (creating assignments, submission, grading and feedback). Other assignment and assessment resources using Blackboard.

UTSC Courses Certified for WINTER 2017

Course Code Professor/ Instructor
PPGD64 Stefan Renckens
EESA01 Silvija Stefanovic
BIOC13 Jason Brown
HLTB11H3 Thomas Wolever
MGEC40H3 Ambarish Chandra
VPMC01 Lynn Tucker
HLTC04H3 Laura Bisaillon
CSCC24 Anya Tafliovich
CSCD01 Anya Tafliovich
PLID56H3 Joanne DeLuzio
MDSA02H3 Michael Petit
MDSC64H3 Michael Petit
BIOC33 Stephen Reid
BIOC34 Stephen Reid
IDSB04 Anne-Emanuelle Birn

UTSC Courses Certified for FALL 2016

Course Code Professor/ Instructor
BIOB34 Blake Richards
HLTA02 (Section 01 & 02) Suzanne R. Sicchia
HLTB41 Laura Bisaillon
HLTC17 Andrea Duncan
CSCD03 Graeme Hirst
GGRC56  Ju Jui Judy Han
BIOD33 Jason Brown
PPGC66 Stefan Renckens
PHLB50 Alex Koo
CTLB03 Cindy Bongard
PSYB57 Michael Souza
CSCB07 Anya Tafliovich
CSCC01 Anya Tafliovich
MGEC81 Garth Frazer
BIOC63 Peter Moinar

UTSC Courses Certified for SUMMER 2016

Course Code Professor/ Instructor
VPMA93 (Section 01 &60) Rosanne King
 ENGD22 Alyx Dellaminica
 BIOC13 Jason Brown
 BIOD33 Jason Brown
 HLTC42 Amrita Daftary
BIOB34 Blake Richards
PHLC06 Eric Mathison
EESA10 Silvija Stefanovic
CTLB03 Cindy Bongard
EESA09 Tanzina Mohsin
MGHB12 (LEC01 & LEC02) Hugh MacDonald

UTSC Courses Certified for WINTER 2016

Course Code Professor/ Instructor
MGMA01 Tarun Dewan
MGMB01 Tarun Dewan
MGMC01 Tarun Dewan
PPGD64 Stefan Renckens

UTSC Courses Certified for Fall 2015

Course Code Professor/ Instructor
ANTD40 Amber Walker-Bolton
BIOB10 Monica Sauer
CSCB07 Anya Tafliovich
CSCB01 Anya Tafliovich
FREC12/LINC12 Karen McCrindle
HLTA02 Suzzanne Sicchia
PPGC66 Stefan Renckens
STAC32 Ken Butler
MGHC02 Julie McCarthy
EESA01 Carl Mitchell
EESB04 Carl Mitchell
MGMB01 Tarun Dewan
MGMC13 Tarun Dewan
BIOB34 Blake Richards
BIOC63 Peter Molnar
MGMA01 Tarun Dewan
MGMC01 Tarun Dewan
IDSB04 Anne-Emanuelle Birn
VOMA93 Rosanne King

UTSC Courses Certified for Summer 2015

Course Code

Professor/ Instructor

CLAA06 Mythology II: Greece and Rome Nicole Daniel
ENGB03 Critical Thinking about Narrative Rachel F. Stapleton
GGRB28 Geography of Disease Michelle Majeed
MGMB01 Marketing Management Tarun Dewan
POLD41 Advanced Topics in Political Science (Climate Change Policy) David Houle
PSYA01 Introduction to Psychology Steve Joordens
SOCD44 Advanced Seminar of Issues in Contemporary Sociology Kathy Liddle

UTSC Courses Certified for Winter 2015


Professor/ Instructor 

BIOD53 Maydianne Andrade
BIOC13 Jason Brown
MGEC62 Garth Frazer
POLD64 Stefan Renckens
PSYC11 SiSi Tran
PSYC14 SiSi Tran
PSYD11 SiSi Tran
PSYD15 SiSi Tran
HISD18 E. Natalie Rothman
CLAC12 Nicole Daniel