Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Development Goal 11 is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The courses listed below contain content relative to the pursuit of this goal.  Click through to read more about each course, and to be linked to the course page in the UTSC Calendar.

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Experiencing Development in Africa


This experiential learning course allows students to experience first hand the realities, challenges, and opportunities of working with development organizations in Africa. 

Introduction to Green Chemistry


The 'twelve principles' of green chemistry will be discussed in the context of developing new processes and reactions (or modifying old ones) to benefit society while minimizing their environmental impact.

Foundations of City Studies


A review of the major characteristics and interpretations of cities, urban processes and urban change as a foundation for the Program in City Studies.

Environmental Planning


This course introduces students to questions of urban ecology and environmental planning, and examines how sustainability and environmental concerns can be integrated into urban planning processes and practices.

Urban Transportation Policy Analysis


Demand forecasting; methodology of policy analysis; impacts on land values, urban form and commuting; congestion; transit management; regulation and deregulation; environmental impacts and safety.

Sustainability in Practice


This course is intended for students who would like to apply theoretical principles of environmental sustainability learned in other courses to real world problems.

Project Management in Environmental Studies


Supervision will be provided by a faculty member with active research in geography, ecology, natural resource management, environmental biology, or geosciences as represented within the departments.



Three modules take students from relatively simple determinations of risk (e.g., infrastructure flooding) towards more complex, real-world, inclusive considerations (e.g., ecosystem impacts of climate change).

Urban Geography


This course will develop understanding of the geographic nature of urban systems and the internal spatial patterns and activities in cities.

Urbanization and Development


Examines global urbanization processes and the associated transformation of governance, social, economic, and environmental structures particularly in the global south. 

Current Topics in Urban Geography


Examination and discussion of current trends and issues in urban geography, with particular emphasis on recent developments in concepts and methods. 

Urban Political Geography


Geographical approach to the politics of contemporary cities with emphasis on theories and structures of urban political processes and practices.

Development and Environment


The influences of development on the global environment; species extinction, loss of productive land, reduced access to resources, declining water quality and quantity, and climate change.

Comparative Public Policy


The course explores factors that influence a country’s policy making process and why countries’ policies diverge or converge.

Environmental Internship


This course offers students the opportunity to gain practical research experience as an intern with an environmental organization.