Sustainability Corner

Articles written through a sustainability lens by UTSC students, mainly the Sustainability Office Peer Educators.

Most articles have been published in The Underground, UTSC's official student magazine. 

The Sustainability Corner Articles:

17 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for a Sustainable 2017 (January 2016)

A Vegan Christmas (December 2016)

What you need to know about the Sustainable Development Goals (November 2016)

The Science of Food Preservatives (October 2016)

Did you know UTSC has a rooftop garden? (September 2016)

Sustainable Living: Consuming Sustainably on Campus (March 2016) V.35 I.07

Green Valentine's Day (February 2016)

Sustainable Living: Turning off the Heat (January 2016)

Sustainable Living: Making Your Christmas Sustainable (December 2015) V.35 I.04

Faces of Sustainability: Brian Hamlin and Michele Cheh (October 2015)

Bees, Birds, Green Roofs (September 2015)

You've got the power, Now turn it off (March 2015)

Water Awareness (November 2014)

A Focus on Mental Health and Wellness (October 2014)

Fair Trade (September 2014)

UTSC Environment Week (March 2014)

Under the Sustainability Microscope: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games (February 2014)

Toxic Beauty? (February 2014)

The Urban Food Revolution (January 2014)

Unbottling into Sustainability (November 2013)