Reduced Inequalities

Sustainable Development Goal 10 is to reduce inequality within and among countries.

The courses listed below contain content relative to the pursuit of this goal.  Click through to read more about each course, and to be linked to the course page in the UTSC Calendar.

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Environmental Pollution


This course illustrates the environmental effects of urban expansion, changing methods of agriculture, industrialization, recreation, resource extraction, energy needs and the devastation of war. 

Sustainability in Practice


This course is intended for students who would like to apply theoretical principles of environmental sustainability learned in other courses to real world problems.

Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies


This course is designed to provide a strong interdisciplinary focus on specific environmental problems including the socioeconomic context in which environmental issues are resolved. 

Knowledge, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making


Current national, regional and local problems will be discussed in class to help students critically analyze the roots of the problems and possible approaches to decision-making in a context of pluralism and complexity.

Social Geography


The course examines the role of social divisions such as class, 'race'/ethnicity, gender and sexuality in shaping the social geographies of cities and regions.

Introduction to International Relations I


This course examines different approaches to international relations, the characteristics of the international system, and the factors that motivate foreign policies.

Environmental Internship


This course offers students the opportunity to gain practical research experience as an intern with an environmental organization.