Peer Educator EcoTeam 2016/ 2017

Sustainability Peer Educator EcoTeam 2016/2017


Meet the Peer Educator Team for 2016/2017

This amazing team of passionate students strive to bring environmental awareness to campus staff, students and faculty while engaging and educating them on various sustainable practices for both on and off-campus life, while planning and executing sustainability related events and initiatives. 

Group Leads

Vernon Fong

2nd Year Specialist in Neuroscience and Human Biology

I am a second year doing a specialist in neuroscience and a major in human biology. I joined the sustainability team because I want to learn how each of our daily actions will affect nature, and how we can improve our practices to better cope with the environment. I am also volunteering for the sustainability office because I want to contribute by being in a team which will enlighten people and raise awareness for the society which WE live in. Ultimately, I wish that by contributing to the team this summer I can make a difference on making UTSC into a more environmentally friendly campus.


Kiana Bonnick

4th Year Double Major in Biology and Environmental Studies; Minor in Human Geography

Always having a curiosity in what swims in the sea, to what flies in the sky and in the world that lies in between, has and continues to spark my interest in the environment. Being deeply involved with the Sustainability Office has given me the opportunity to further explore the different aspects of sustainability as well as create and promote a sustainable lifestyle for our UTSC community and beyond. My interests lie within the interrelationships between environmental policy, local food security and ecology.


Collaborations & Outreach

Danny Cha

4th Year Environmental Studies and Double Minor in Human Geography & G.I.S

My team and I share the same interests and goals. We value environmentalism and believe that we all have to contribute to creating sustainable future. Working with the Eco Team as a Peer Educator Group Lead allows me to witness how important it is to contribute our thoughts and ideas to the public at all times. I have also learned to approach people and voice my opinions about my beliefs in sustainability as well. Our ultimate goal is to raise the awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability on campus. Even though it will not be accomplished easily, I strongly believe that the more we strive to create the atmosphere of sustainability through events, the better our students will become aware of the existence of the environmental movement in our campus. After all, creating a healthy and sustainable environment is not just our job but everyone’s.


Nikhil Toleti

2nd year, Specialist in Management

I am extremely delighted to be a Collaborations and Outreach Ambassador for the Sustainability Office. In today’s world, it is extremely crucial for everyone to be sustainable. Although sustainability can be a major lifestyle change for many, there are many little things one can do. Every big change starts small, so therefore, every small step counts! Through being a part of the Sustainability Office, my goal is to come up with unique initiatives to increase people’s understanding of sustainability and encourage them to partake in the revolution for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly world.


Communication & Marketing Ambassador

XingPing Huang

4th year, Specialist in Management and Marketing

The best way of knowing the Earth we live on is getting closer to the nature. Being part of the Sustainability Office allows me to protect and enjoy the world that I love. I would always do what I could do to make the world better. During the time I contribute to sustainability, I met wonderful people and learn wonderful things. Everything is meaningful when it comes to sustainability.


Nivetheka Sathuaseelan

3rd Year

Hello everyone! My name is Nivetheka Sathyaseelan and I am studying health studies and international development studies. I am a passionate advocate for issues revolving around human health and human rights. I also love learning about the environment and what can be done to sustain its resources – as a result I have a growing interest in gardening.  I enjoy working with the Sustainability Office because I am thrilled to be in the company of individuals who are passionate and hardworking individuals.


Campaigns Ambassador

Monica Iwashita

2nd year, Double major in Health Studies Co-op and Environmental studies

I’m super hyped to be a Campaign Ambassador for the Sustainability Office this year! To me, there is no masterpiece in the world as beautiful and mesmerizing as nature itself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for the environment and I’m happy that I got to meet others here at UTSC that share that same interest. Our campus neighbors some of nature’s greatest gems; let’s work together so that we can continue to lead sustainable practices and admire the beauty that surrounds us!


Sobica Vinayagamoorthy

4th year, Double Major in Human Biology and Health Studies

Being a UTSC student means that I get to surround myself with the beautiful greenery that surrounds this campus. As nature enthusiast, being eco-friendly and advocating on the importance of sustainable practices, no matter how small, has been very important to me. Therefore, I am very excited to be apart of the Sustainability team, as a Campaign Ambassador, where others also have the same goals and interests as I do. As a team, we can help share our passion for the environment, and raise awareness on the importance of sustainability at UTSC!


Recycling & Waste Peer Educator

Saad Karnelia

4th Year Double Major in Biochemistry & Biology

Hello everyone, my name is Saad and I am a 4th year biochemistry and biology student at University of Toronto Scarborough. I have always been interested in helping community and getting involved to solving sustainability issues. To me sustainability is more than just saving water while showering or recycling. It’s about creating a sustainability movement, increasing environmental consciousness, and getting the UTSC community involved. I am very passionate to be part of this year’s eco team. I intend to explore, learn new things, and take an initiative to spread awareness about sustainability at UTSC through different events, etc. Feel free to chat with the eco team if you see us around the campus wearing green T-shirts. Share your passion with us about sustainability at different events, get involved and help become UTSC “sustainable”. # UTSC SUSTAINABILITY OFFICE # GET INVOLVED # SAVE ENVIRONMENT # SAVE HUMANITY.

Kaila Clarke-Mendes

4th year, Double Major Environmental Science and Environmental Studies

I’ve been devoted to the environment since I was quite young. Being sustainable to me is the only way to get through the Climate Change that is coming for all of us, and I know that sounds morbid, but it’s our sad truth. Working with the Sustainability Office is my way of giving back the this Earth that I, among everyone else, take so much from. So excited to be part of the team this year!

Residence-Sustainability Peer Educator

Taylor Lambie

2nd Year Specialist in International Development Studies

I am really excited to be volunteering with the Sustainability Office at UTSC this year! Creating sustainable change is closely related to my degree and future ambitions in life. I am eager to start encouraging UTSC to take the steps to live a more sustainable life, by helping to create new and innovative campaigns to engage UTSC to create change.

Sooyeon Lee

2nd Year Specialist Program in Management and Minor in Human Geography

Hello! My name is Soo and I am 2nd year student studying management and human geography at UTSC. Since at young age, I have always been a part of community that promotes sustainable environment. When I came to the university, my involvement continued and became a volunteer of the Recycling and Waste Team at UTSC Sustainability Office. I realised that it is not that many people don’t want to recycle; they are not informed well enough about how important it is to recycle. Recycling brings a new life to once ‘dead’ resources. I wish my contribution to the team would help more people to be aware of the importance of recycling and managing waste and make the world more cleaner than before!

Peer Educator Bike Mechanic

Usama Bin Salim 

4th Year Specialist in Physics and Astrophysics

I joined Sustainability as a Bike Mechanic to fix any problems the bikes in our BikeShare Program had (a free bike-lending program UTSC students have access to).But being able to work with the team, I found I was able to do so much more. Being a part of the team to raise awareness about sustainability on campus has also made me reflect on my own actions and what I can do for the environment. Through my work with Sustainability, I hope to continue interacting with students on campus and leave a mark along with other peers. 


Volunteer Peer Educator

Anisha Prasad

1st Year, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Hello! My name is Anisha Prasad and I am a first year student currently enrolled in the undergraduate Physical and Environmental Sciences program. I am very passionate about the environment, and enjoy sharing my passion with my peers. I love learning about nature, particularly marine life, and spending time outdoors. I also enjoy gardening, swimming, and reading (especially Harry Potter).


Sally Guan

2nd Year, Double Major in Population Health and Environmental Science

Hi, my name is Sally Guan and I am currently in my second year at UTSC. I am in the process of completing a double major in population health and environmental science and aspire to be a researcher focusing on the environmental effects on human health. I would describe myself as being organized, competitive and positive!! My favourite thing to do as a stress reliever is bake.

Shuting Wang

3rd Year, International Development Studies and Human & Physical Geography

Hey guys! My name is Shuting Wang, a second year student double-majoring in Chemistry(co-op) and Mathematics. I’m excited at applying knowledge I learned to accelerate the development of sustainability. Besides, I’m a good cook and I sincerely hope all people could have the rights to enjoy organic healthy food.

Dahlia Vionnet

1st Year, International Development Studies and Political Science

Hello Y’all! My name is Dahlia, I’m really excited to be part of the team. I am a first year student in International Development Studies and Political Science. I aspire to work in environmental policy, so I am passionate about experiencing the hands-on application of sustainable development in our campus community. I come from France and am settling very well in Canada, even though I miss the food back home. I am detail-oriented, enthusiastic and extremely open-minded. In my free time I enjoy working out, cooking vegetarian recipes and watching “The Office”. Looking forward to working with you all!


Sustainability Peer Educator Positions are CCR Approved