Partnerships for the Goals

Sustainable Development Goal 17 is to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The courses listed below contain content relative to the pursuit of this goal.  Click through to read more about each course, and to be linked to the course page in the UTSC Calendar.

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Experiencing Development in Africa


This experiential learning course allows students to experience first hand the realities, challenges, and opportunities of working with development organizations in Africa. 

Plant Research and Biotechnology: Addressing Global Problems


In this course plant scientists working to address pressing global challenges will give presentations and students will identify terminologies and methodologies needed to engage with the speaker and think critically about the research. 


Biodiversity and Conservation


A seminar exploration of current topics in biodiversity and conservation, including genetic, organismal, and community levels. 

International Economics: Finance


This course examines the macroeconomic theories of the balance of payments and the exchange rate in a small open economy.

International Economics: Trade Theory


An outline of the theories of international trade that explain why countries trade with each other, and the welfare implications of this trade, as well as empirical tests of these theories.

Environmental Pollution


This course illustrates the environmental effects of urban expansion, changing methods of agriculture, industrialization, recreation, resource extraction, energy needs and the devastation of war. 

Sustainability in Practice


This course is intended for students who would like to apply theoretical principles of environmental sustainability learned in other courses to real world problems.

International Law


This course introduces students to the foundations of international law, its sources, its rationale, and challenges to its effectiveness and implementation. 

Global Environmental Politics


This course examines the challenges faced by humanity in dealing with global environmental problems and the politics of addressing them.