The University of Toronto Scarborough FreeStore is a reuse initiative that allows students and faculty the opportunity to donate unwanted housing items and pick up desired items free of charge. The purpose of the FreeStore is to reduce waste, allowing students the opportunity to give items a second home while at the same time, diverting them from a landfill. 

Some of the items that the Free Store contains include:

  • Lamps  
  • Dressers/Cabinets
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Kitchen Appliances and Utensils
  • Desks
  • Coffee/Side Tables
  • And Much More!

This event allows new residence students an opportunity to save money while also aiding the environment by tackling over consumption. The landfill is a significant environmental concern, due to the toxins that are released. Furthermore, the initiative reflects the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #11 (sustainable cities and communities), #12(responsible consumption and production), #13 (climate action) and #15 (life on land)

Collections will generally run at the end of each semester (more details will be provided shortly).