About Us

Officially opened in May 2007, the Sustainability Office has been created to help U of T Scarborough “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” as phrased by the Brundtland Commission Report in 1987. Adding to this definition, we see sustainability as a central operating principle of the campus, similar to accessibility and equity.

Our goal is to see that sustainability is reflected in all aspects of campus life, and in doing so pay close attention to other objectives and human nature, so that sustainable practices are seen as common sense, not unnecessary inconveniences. Ultimately, we hope to see the term sustainability become understood simply as, “the right way to do things.”

The Sustainability Office has an amazing group of dedicated volunteers and work-study students that create the Peer Educator EcoTeam. Our Peer Educators strive to promote, educate and share sustainability related programs and initiatives both on and off campus to help the community lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while reducing their environmental footprint.

Sustainability Peer Educator Positions are CCR Approved!


Will you fund my event or initiative?

Maybe.  The Sustainability Office is funded primarily structured to support our own events, initiatives, and work study students.  We do have limited financial resources that we can use to support other groups' events and initiatives on a small scale.  There are no fixed criteria for funding, but we generally aim to support innovative ideas that go beyond business as usual, and we do not support any ongoing costs.

Where is your office?

The Sustainability Office is located in room SW213B, in the Meeting Place right next to the Starbucks.

Will you feature my research/initiative/project on your website?

Absolutely! We are eager to share as much sustainability related activity from the UTSC community as possible.  Send a brief description of what it is you'd like us to feature to sustainability@utsc.utoronto.ca, including any relevant attachments, and we'll respond promptly with any follow up questions we might have.  Shortly thereafter, we'll send along a draft of what we intend to post, so as to make sure that we are accurately representing your work.