Listening Circles

Has transportation been a pressing challenge for you, your community or your organization? We want to hear from you!

Register here for Listening Circle #1 - October 28, 6 to 7:30 PM:

Register here for Listening Circle #2 - November 3, 3:30 to 5 PM:


About this event

Who we are?

Suburban Mobilities Cluster (University of Toronto Scarborough) is a multidisciplinary research cluster, with a focus on developing innovative solutions to suburban mobility and accessibility challenges in the Scarborough area.

Why it is important for us to hear from the communities?

We want to hear from Scarborough residents. We want to understand your needs and priorities. You know better than anyone the difficulties or barriers you experience daily regarding transportation and what you would like your neighborhoods to look like.

Why now?

In winter 2021-2022, the Cluster will launch a one-of-a-kind survey to identify community priorities of central concern related to transportation and wellbeing in and around Scarborough. We want to engage stakeholders and community organizations to co-develop our survey and tailor its results to your needs.

What will I gain with my participation?

You can work with UTSC researchers to express the perceived needs and priorities in your neighborhood and have these incorporated into our survey collection and report writing. We hope the data we collect and reports we write will directly support the needs of Scarborough residents, especially those who may be strongly impacted by difficult transportation situations. We want to hear about what research products would be useful to the community (data, reports, training, among others) that best aligns with all the great work and initiatives that you already have underway.