Update executive or council member information

The currently listed Primary or Secondary contact can follow these steps to update and change group leader information:

  • Login to Ulife using their UTORid and password
  • Click on the button called "My Groups"
  • Select the appropriate group to update
  • Click on "Manage Group Leaders" item on the left-hand menu panel
  • "Add" Group Leaders by including the required information in the available fields and/or “edit” your group leaders by clicking on “edit” under the “Actions” category (as their name will already appear at the bottom of the screen). You can also “delete” members here as well
  • Under the "Roles" of a Group Leader, select and save which members are primary or secondary contacts (or ‘Executive Member’)
  • Assign signing officer authority, executive status, as required
  • Click 'Save' for each member that is updated
  • New Primary and Secondary contacts will need to “validate” their identity (ie. UTORid) with the group page by following the link that is sent to them in an email from ulife@utoronto.ca and successfully logging into Ulife.