Testimonials & Experiences

Indigenous workshop
Kosha Bramesfeld, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Psychology
“The Indigenous educational programming that is offered at UTSC has been incredibly helpful for me to learn more about Indigenous Ceremony; to meet a variety of faculty, staff, and students on campus; and to learn more about how I can integrate this knowledge into my own classrooms.”
“I am also incredibly grateful for the direct one-on-one consultation that Juanita Muise has provided to me as I continue to think about ways to indigenize the curriculum in my courses. Your two guest appearances in my class were incredibly important for helping the students and I reflect on our course content in new and important ways. The students in the course reported back to me that having the opportunity to hear from you enriched their own understanding of the diversity of the various Indigenous cultures that exist in Canada and motivated them to learn more about the topic. Several students also reported that the inclusion of this content in the classroom made them feel like diversity was being prioritized and respected at UTSC, something that they truly valued.”
“Your programming provides such an important service on campus. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!”
Tianna Tabobondung, Indigenous Student:
“The community is very welcoming, and very loving of all people. This community helped me get through my first year at UTSC with tremendous support. The support from the Indigenous academic advisor and career strategist, Romeo Fournier, was amazing. He was able to talk me through some hard choices and always had an open door, and made sure everything was going well with school and with life. The support from the Indigenous engagement coordinator, Juanita Muise, helped me recognise how much Indigenous presence is missing from UTSC, and worked to create events, in order to create more indigeneity around campus. The Indigenous UTSC staff, makes it easy to call UTSC home for the next 3 years to come.”