Indigenous Elder at UTSC

Wendy Phillips, a Ceremonial Leader, Indigenous Spiritual Educator, Traditional Indigenous Healer,  Ahwidokazit (One Who Helps), Bezhagobe (One Who Stands Alone), and belongs to the Bald Eagle Clan. She is Ojibwa and Potawatami from Wasauksing First Nation in the heart of the Muskokas.

As a Ceremonial Leader, Indigenous Spiritual Educator, Traditional Indigenous Healer; her spiritual role is Ahnikgokon, translation; One who works for the spirits or otherwise known as a Traditional Seer for over 30 years.

She has been fortunate to have been taught by her family, traditional Elders with our Ancestral knowledge that has been passed from one generation to the next. Our lineage is responsible for traditional Indigenous knowledge from creation stories, calendars, prophecies, leadership, clan, traditional governance, women, men, relationship, marriage, rites of passage and medicine wheel teachings.

She is an alumnus of Trent University Indigenous Studies (Hons) and Business Administration (Minor). She is a graduate of the Fleming College with a Diploma in Career and Work Counselling and she is also a Masters Candidate from York University with a focus on Traditional Anishinaabe Governance.

In the last 25 years she has been a Social/Cultural Enterprise Innovator and Cultural Entrepreneur within small and large Urban Indigenous ecosystems and she has been advocate for Indigenous issues regional, provincial and national.  As a professor, she is passionate about teaching and supporting students at Loyalist College within the Entrepreneurial Studies – Business Launch Program. 

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