First Generation Program

The First Generation Program offers first-year, first generation students with support when transitioning into university. Students attend academic and co-curricular programming led by upper year students to enhance their academic success.

First generation students are those students:

  • Whose parents or guardian(s) did not complete post-secondary education in Canada​
  • Whose parents or guardian(s) completed post-secondary education outside of Canada
  • Whose parents or guardian(s) attended, but did not complete post-secondary education in Canada or outside of Canada
  • Who are considered wards of the state (Crown Ward)

The First Generation Program offers First Year students:

  • Peer Academic Coaching: A first generation student will be paired up with an upper year Peer Academic coach (PAC) who has a similar academic background, and will be shown the ropes to getting adjusted to the university life. 
  • Learning Skills Advising:  First generation students can receive one-on-one learning strategies advice and support from a Learning Skills Advisor who is referred by their Peer Academic Coaches. 
  • Workshops and Events: Workshops, events and seminars are all hosted by PACs with the intention to support students by providing them with academic and personal advice.
  • LEAD First Gen: This 6-week program addresses a variety of topics for first generation students, including the transition into post-secondary studies, academic support, learning skills strategies, campus engagement, and social and developmental opportunities. To receive the CCR accreditation on your transcript, you will need to attend at least 4 of the 6 sessions.

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