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Jan 14th 2021

On the date of the event, click on the club name which will bring you right to the Zoom room. The password for all Zoom rooms will be "clubsweek." Please note passwords are case-sensitive. 

The rooms will be open from 9am-12pm and groups will begin a new presentation every 20 minutes. This ensures that you can join the Zoom room at any 20 minute interval (9am, 9:20 am, 9:40am, etc.) and be sure you get to see the full club presentation. Each club will also have time for you to ask any questions you might have.

Campus Group Description Socials
Health & Wellness Centre: 
Peer-To-Peer Drop In
Come by and learn about the Peer-to-Peer Drop In Group. This is an engaging student space facilitated by fellow students who have been trained in peer support skills and mental health. This group is ideal for students that want to talk about their current experiences of mental health and/or other stressors, learn different coping strategies, and learn about available resources on campus. Instagam - @wellness_utsc
Facebook - @UTSCHealthandWellnesscentre
Twitter - @wellnessutsc
Health & Wellness Centre: 
Wellness Talks @ Home
Join us every Tuesday and Thursday where we will discuss health topics presented by our Wellness Peer Program Teams.  We promise interactive games, small group discussions, and a chance to connect with others in a friendly, safe space. Instagam - @wellness_utsc
Facebook - @UTSCHealthandWellnesscentre
Twitter - @wellnessutsc
Students for She's The First Chapter We aim to raise money for the education of adolescent girls around the world because when girls get the opportunities they deserve, poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger, and healthier babies are born. The world, by all accounts, gets stronger. Instagram - @stf_utsc
Bangladeshi Students' Association University of Toronto Scarborough (BSA UTSC) BSA endeavors to promote and nurture its rich culture on campus with pride, energy, and solidarity. We celebrate national festivals, participate in awareness/educational initiatives, and organize events which cater to the social, intellectual, and cultural aspects of our community Instagram - @bsa_utsc
Facebook - Bangladesh Students Association University of Toronto Scarborough
Blankets for T.O. Providing the homeless with blankets and supplies during the harsh Canadian winters, while also advocating on their behalf Instagram - @blanketsforto
Blood Donors Student Association at UTSC The Blood Donors Student Association at UTSC works to raise awareness about the need for blood donations among the UTSC community. We work with Canadian Blood Services to organize blood typing events and blood clinics on campus, with the goal of educating people about the need for blood and how they can contribute towards saving human lives Instagram - @bdsa_utsc
Facebook - @BDSAUTSC
Novelty: The Cantonese Students' Association The Novelty was established 30 years ago and has been one of the most historical Chinese Students Association in UTSC. Our members come from three different regions; Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou, but we speak the same language. We aim to bring the richest experience in students’ university lives by organizing joint-university events, providing academic and career support, and serving the local community. In September, we had our 3-day orientation. In October, we organized an Among Us event with the Hong Kong students' associations in York University, Ryerson University and the University of Waterloo. In November, we joined the AIESEC Virtual Clubs Fair. We look forward to having you join us this year. Instagram - @noveltycsa
Facebook - @noveltycsa
Environmental Sustainability Society   Instagram - @ess.uoft
South Asian Student Association (SASA) The South Asian Student Association, aka SASA, aims to promote the culture of South Asia and to spread awareness of the various countries and cultures embedded within South Asia. It is important to note that students and persons of any culture are encouraged to participate. The University of Toronto is an extremely diverse environment, and the goal of this club is allow all people to feel included and represented in many different ways. Instagram - @sasa_utsc
African Students' Association   Instagram - @utscasa
Facebook - @utscasa
Campus Association for Baha'i Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough The purpose of our club is to study the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith and to explore their application to the present world by engaging in various activities (I.e., presentations, informal gatherings, etc.). It is also a space where students can engage in discussions about philosophical and spiritual themes, share prayers, and perspectives from all backgrounds, and form friendly connections on campus. Instagram - @cabs.utsc
Facebook - @CABSUofT
University Bible Fellowship We offer a virtual Bible study and discipleship. We welcome everyone if interested in the Bible. Facebook - @scarboroughubf
South Asian Women's Society (SAWS) SAWS is a club empowering South Asian women, tackling taboos, and building a supportive unified community for our women! Instagram - @saws_uoft     
Facebook - South Asian Women's Society SAWS
UTSC Women and Trans Centre  We are a safe and inclusive space that promotes a positive environment on campus. For everyone on the UTSC campus including woman, man, genderqueer, non-binary, community member, or faculty or staff, our doors are always open for you! Facebook - @UTSCWTCentre
Instagram - @utscwtcentre
Website - University of Toronto Scarborough Chapter The purpose of University of Toronto Scarborough Chapter will be to raise awareness for water scarcity and fundraise to provide access to sanitation and healthy water for people across the world. University of Toronto Scarborough will focus on organizing fundraisers, events, advocacy campaigns, and more to ensure that the not-for-profit organization is actively represented at UTSC. Instagram - @water.orgutsc
Filipino Student Association of Scarborough (FSAS) The Filipino Student Association of Scarborough (FSAS) aims to create a welcoming, safe space to celebrate and learn about Filipino culture. Become a general member to stay updated on our latest events!  Instagram - @fsas.utsc
Facebook - Filipino Student Association of Scarborough (we also have an associated FB group) 
Turkish Students Association (TUSA) We are here to share the rich turkish culture with everyone interested and to create a warm community for both Turkish and non Turkish students.

Instagram - @tusautsc.     
Facebook - @Turkish Students’ Association

The Citizens Foundation UTSC Chapter The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring about positive social change through education. Our mission is to raise awareness and provide educational opportunities for children in Pakistan. Instagram - @tcf.utsc
Facebook - The Citizens Foundation - University of Toronto Scarborough
UTSC Catholic Chaplaincy Our group aims at developing a Christ-centered community and a place in which students can learn more about what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus in today's world. Students from all backgrounds are welcome! Instagram - @utscchaplaincy
Facebook - UTSCC: UTSC Chaplaincy
Chaplaincy Website -
Pakistani Student's Association The Pakistani Students Association is the biggest cultural club at the University of Toronto Scarborough that aims to promote and celebrate Pakistani culture on campus. We have captivated the UTSC student population through our most anticipated annual Shaadi Night spectacle, our monthly Gup Shups, and other incredible events like Zaikai-e-Pakistan and our Pakistan vs. India cricket matches. Eloquently organized decor, non-stop music, and delectable food, the PSA knows how to through an epic event.  Instagram - @psa.utsc
Facebook - Pakistani Students' Association UTSC 
Islamic Relief UTSC We are a chapter of a charity club, here at UTSC, called Islamic Relief. Our club and its dedicated executives and volunteers work to bring humanitarian aid for people of all walks of life domestically and internationally.  Instagram - @IslamicReliefutsc
University of Toronto Hong Kong Student Club UTHKSC is a group that brings Hong Kong students together and provides a platform for our members to meet friends from different cultural clubs and schools. We host various activities over the school year so please do remember to stay tuned!  Instagram - @uthksc
Facebook - University of Toronto Hong Kong Student Club
LinkedIn - University of Toronto Hong Kong Student Club
African Impact Initiative  We are an organization committed to building the future of our continent through the youth; by empowering them to create sustainable solutions. We achieve this through initiatives centered around impact entrepreneurship, sector engagement, community impact and career development.  Facebook - africanimpactinitiative.  Instagram - @africanimpactca.  Twitter - @AfricanimpactCA
Crohn's and Colitis x UTSC Crohn's & Colitis x UTSC is a student-run club that aims to raise awareness and funds for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) community. We hope to bring to light the day-to-day challenges of those who live with chronic illnesses and their caregivers! Instagram - @ccxutsc
Facebook - @ccu.utsc
Power to Change - UTSC Power to Change is a Christian club that helps students see the relevance of Jesus for all of life. Whether you are someone with spiritual questions, want to learn more about Christianity, or seeking a close-knit community, we would love to connect with you!  Instagram - @p2cutsc
Facebook - @Power to Change - University of Toronto Scarborough 
UTSC Mandarin Christian Fellowship We host weekly zoom meeting throughout the whole semester, do Bible study, and pray together. We hope each of our members can be the support for one another. Welcome to join our lovely family! WeChat - InChristMCF
Facebook - @UtscMandarinChristianFellowship
Rotaract Club at UTSC Rotaract UTSC is a a service based club emphasizing "Service Above Self", and is a part of the Rotary International Service organization. Rotaract offers a fun way to get involved with the local community, and bring initiatives that matter to UTSC Students. Instagram - @rotaractclubutsc Facebook - @RotaractClubUTSC
Iranian Students' Organization (ISO) The purpose of the UTSC Iranian Students’ Organization is to create a platform to represent Iranian students on campus; as well as to establish and promote Iranian cultural customs. The UTSC Iranian Students’ Organization will enhance the educational, recreational, social, and cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough by providing Iranian identifying students, and by introducing Iranian culture to those that are interested to know more. Instagram - @utsciranians
Facebook - UTSCIranians
Website -  
Amnesty International UTSC Amnesty International UTSC is the student-based chapter of Amnesty International, a worldwide nonprofit organization which advocates for the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe. Amnesty International has no political, governmental, or corporate affiliation, but strives to achieve the universal respect of human rights. Instagram - @amnestyutsc
Twitter - @AmnestyUtsc
Facebook - @Amnesty4UTSC
Global Brigades UTSC Global Brigades UTSC is a secular, international sustainable development, and volunteer organization whose mission is to empower underserved communities through locally-led partnerships. Our group travels overseas to set up free medical and dental clinics, design and implement clean water projects, run educational programs to improve public health and sanitation, and design and help implement small business plans that provide access to loans, savings, and financial literacy programs. Instagram - @globalbrigadesutsc
Facebook - @gb.utsc
University of Toronto Scarborough Debate Club (UTSCDC) To engage in socially and politically relevant debates mainly for the purposes of improving rhetoric, public-speaking skills, and overall engage in discussions. @utscdc