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Imani Academic Mentorship Program

Imani celebration

Who We Are

The Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto Scarborough is a niche program that serves to create access and inclusion pathways to Black youths in the Scarbrough Community. Our name, which means “Faith” in Swahili speakers on what we aim to deliver. We prioritized academic success and promoted a healthier sense of self and belonging for black students and have faith that the path for Black youth in Scarborough will guide them to their own success. 

“FAITH.” That’s what “Imani” means in Swahili, and that’s what the Imani Black Academic  Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto Scarborough delivers: faith that the path for Black youth in Scarborough will guide them to success.

The Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program Our Program is centred on supporting and empowering Black students with accessing post-secondary through a curriculum focused on academic excellence, mentorship and critical education that relates to the identity and experiences of participating students.


As we celebrate 16 years of Imani at UTSC, we continue to pursue providing an enriching experience for Black Elementary, and High Schools through creating access points to post-secondary education, student support, and tools and resources to encourage students to move beyond institutionalized barriers and experience their personal excellence. 


Black youth have and continue to face systemic anti-Black racism in the public education system. Imani engages with this systemic injustice by engaging UTSC students, who reflect the community we aim to serve. UTSC students take on mentorship roles in seven East Scarborough elementary and high schools by forging relationships and supporting youth in grades 7 – 12 with their academic studies and personal journeys. 


From early October to the end of March, our UTSC Imani Mentors meet with the youth at their assigned school each week. Through our program we focus on four key components:

  • Academic Excellence
    Through Tutoring and homework spaces, our university mentors provide academic support to students to generate excitement and empower mentee.
  • Afrocentric Programming
    Our student leaders guide the youth through an Afro-centric curriculum (workshop format) focused on Black Joy, racial & social justice, arts, and healing
  • Community Partnership 
    We work to actively find partnerships with schools and community partners to best serve our mentees and mentors through enriching opportunities to enhance their engagement and knowledge of community engagement, while serving the Scarborough Community.  
  • Access to Post-Secondary Education
    Imani aims to improve access to college and university for students through academic workshops, and college/university field trips to foster a sense of familiarity and belonging for Black students in post-secondary institutions.


Reach out to learn more about the Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program.