Dealing with Extremely Cold Weather: What You Should Know

Snowy day at U of T Scarborough with students walking up path

It’s winter in Canada and we’re experiencing some extremely cold temperatures! This year, stay warm and safe with these great tips from Dr. David Lowe from the Health & Wellness Centre (St. George).

Dress in layers

Break out the long johns if you’ve got them.

Watch your step

Beware of icy sidewalks.

Choose the right footwear

Wear boots that keep you warm but also have a good tread to keep you from slipping.

Wear a hat

And make sure it covers your ears!

Keep an eye out for frostbite

With this bitter wind chill, exposed skin can freeze in 10 – 30 minutes.

Stay indoors

Go outside only when you need to. There are lots of warm and cozy spots right here on campus.

For more tips, check out the U of T News article featuring Dr. David Lowe.