Letter Award

The University of Toronto Scarborough Letter Awards were established in the fall of 2000 by the Office of Student Affairs & Services with the support of the Council on Student Services. The awards aim to recognize graduating students for significant contributions to campus life. The awards are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge students who have made a lasting impact on the student experience at U of T Scarborough.

Any member of the U of T Scarborough community (students, staff or faculty) is welcome to submit nominations for the award. Nominees must be current full-time or part-time students who are eligible and intend to graduate in June or November of 2019. 

Congratulations to our 2019 Letter Award recipients!

2019 Letter Awards Recipients

Sarah Syed

Honours Bachelor of Science
Major in Health Policy, Minors in Biology and Psychology

Sarah held leadership positions with the Department of Student Life, Business Development, Athletics and Recreation, the Academic Advising and Career Centre, as well as founding the campus chapter of Global Youth Impact. Through Global Youth Impact, Sarah created numerous initiatives to encourage student involvement in local, national and international issues.  She spearheaded the ‘Poet’-tree initiative – raising awareness on mental health issues and breaking the stigma associated with mental health.

Chester Madrazo

Bachelor of Arts
Majors in Economics and Public Policy

Chester worked in the Equity & Diversity Office (EDO), where he organized awareness initiatives on gender equity, anti-racism, accessibility, and LGBTQ inclusion. In addition, he mentored student leaders and helped research the roots of sexual violence on campus. Chester was also an executive on the Political Science Student Association and the Economic Students.  Chester organized and led free course review seminars, career panels, discussion sessions with professors, and social gatherings.

Hana Syed

Honours Bachelor of Science
Majors in Neuroscience and Psychology

During her second year, Hana successfully co-founded the club, Global Youth Impact and hosted the first screening of the Canadian Labour International Film Festival at UTSC.  Hana also connected with a number of campus clubs, organizations, and departments to launch events and initiatives such as the FAST Campaign with the Health and Wellness Centre, first ever Hunger Banquet with OXFAM UTSC, ‘Through the Eyes of Rohingya’ campaign with multiple campus clubs, the SCSU, external NGOs, and local MPPs.

Bobby Hristova

Honours Bachelor of Arts
Advanced Diploma in Journalism

Bobby began contributing to campus life as Residence Leader and ResGroup.  His contributions continued into his second year when he became a Residence Advisor.  From the many weekly initiatives created, he was soon promoted to become the Residence Engagement Coordinator, mentoring fellow leaders and continuously providing a number of opportunities for students living in residence to get involved on campus. 

Rashana Youtzy

Honours Bachelor of Arts
Major in Arts History, Minors in Curatorial Studies and Philosophy

Rashana created the Museum and Cultural Studies Society, visiting various institutions around the city to facilitate conversations for students in Art History, Curatorial Studies, and Studio courses. Rashana also addressed the fact that our undergraduate students do not have a journal to publish research related to Art History, and so I founded 'Atelier', our first journal relating to the discipline for undergraduate students.

Saadia Sarker

Honours Bachelor of Science
Majors in Molecular Biology, Immunology, & Disease and Environmental Science

As the co-founder of Scarborough Pre-Med Society (SPS), Saadia helped create a non-competitive platform for future physicians to learn about, and use resources, opportunities, network with professionals and build life long friendships. One of the most significant contributions she was able to bring to campus life was by creating the annual ‘Doctor For a Day’ event, which consistently brings 150+ students, staff and faculty together to complete circuits of fun trivia and medical tasks.

Tamera Aliyah Campbell

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
Majors in Public Policy (Co-op) and Sociology

Tamera held three positions on departmental student associations, diverse volunteer and work-study positions within the Department of Student Life and International Student Centre, and executive positions within WUSC UTSC.  One highlight includes working with former refugees as a WUSC UTSC executive.  Her work enabled her to empower students to succeed academically, provide a sense of belonging, and offer a strong support network to ameliorate homesickness and isolation.

Dakota Bundy

Bachelor of Arts
Majors in Political Science and Environmental Studies

Dakota’s role with Imani has contributed to both the on-campus community (UTSC students) and to the immediate community beyond the campus of East Scarborough. On a weekly basis, Dakota plans workshops, attends a staff meeting, connects and motivates her team of UTSC student volunteer mentors (6 students), and executes as the Mentor Lead at her school: St. Margaret’s site. There are 18 youth at her site and managing the space and classroom is one of the challenges, including delivering an identity based workshop to the youth on a weekly basis.

Rasanmeet Sahota

Honours Bachelor of Science
Majors in Biochemistry and Political Science

As President of HOSA UTSC, Rasanmeet’s primary focus among other duties was to build interdisciplinary interaction and inter-campus relationships for the UTSC community. Rasanmeet helped organize the largest healthcare conference at UTSC with over 110 attendees. Through this conference, she worked towards fostering a strong inter-campus relationship within the University of Toronto by inviting a Forensic Anthropologist from UTM as our keynote speaker.

Sailavan Balachandran

Bachelor of Business Administration
Major in Marketing and Management Specialist (Co-op)

Over the past five years, Lavan has demonstrated exceptional leadership and teamwork skills through his continuous extra-curricular involvement. Several clubs that Lavan has contributed to include: The Marketing Group (TMG) as an Operations Specialist, Management and Economic Students’ Association (MESA) as a Development Manager, Association of Accountancy (AoA) as Vice President of Business Development, and Management Technology Association (MTA) as Vice President of Business Development. Lavan has been a key part of management student organization outreach, external relations, and event sponsorship for grand-scale events including Decode the Code, UTAC, STRIVE, and Eclipse.

Amy Wang

Honours Bachelor of Science
Specialist Program in Mental Health Studies and Minor in English

Amy initiated the Jack Chapter on campus by recruiting and training peers with the same passion. Since then, the chapter continued to flourish by working closely with the Mental Health Network and other campus groups, introducing more initiatives than ever before. Opportunities with AA&CC allowed Amy to do similar work but in a more academic setting. Since September 2016, Amy resolved countless inquiries and started conversations with students at the Graduate & Professional School Fair, at employer info sessions, and at the front desk.

Hassan Ahmad

Bachelor of Science
Majors in Biochemistry and Mental Health

Hassan is a Senior Representative of BioSa and organized an event that connected Toronto Western Hospital to students looking for clinical volunteer opportunities.  Hassan’s hard work bridged the gap between students and healthcare institutions.  Hassan also Co-Founded the Barbershop on Campus, which invites local barbers to provide haircuts to UTSC students, and raising money for Toronto Western Hospital. Its success is evident as we’ve conducted five Barbershop on Campus events since its inception – raising over $2000 in the process.

Kristen Albano

Bachelor of Science
Major in Mental Health

As Co-President and Mental Health Speaker with Jack.org UTSC, Kristen educates students on campus about the importance of talking about mental health. She has facilitated educational workshops, activities and events for students that promote mental wellness.  Kristen also worked within the UTSC residences to promote positive mental health among students. Primarily helping identify barriers to accessing proper care for students on residence.

Lucy Yam

Honours Bachelor of Science
Majors in Neuroscience and Human Biology
In early 2018, Lucy sought out the opportunity to plan and manage UTSC – Let’s Talk Science’s, first venture to the Yukon Territories. Along with a team of volunteers, Lucy visited six schools and worked with approximately 500 students during their four day trip to Whitehorse, Carcross, and Watson Lake. The event was free for the communities and gave school children a chance to engage in experiments.

Nythusan Sivakumar

Bachelor of Arts
Majors in Economics and Media Studies
Nythusan has been extensively involved with the Department of Management.  He was part of the founding team of the Human Resources Alliance (HRA), the first group focused on bringing networking and skills-training opportunities to their peers in the Human Resources stream of the Management program. Nythusan was also part of the team that turned STRIVE into its own club, brought it to its own venue downtown (scaling the competition to a wider audience), and integrated UTSC graduate students in the Masters of Accounting and Finance into the planning.

Tele Kapkirwok

Bachelor of Science
Majors in Neuroscience and human Biology
Tele, in her role with Imani has contributed to both the on-campus community (UTSC students) and to the immediate community beyond the campus of East Scarborough. On a weekly basis, Tele planned workshops, attends a staff meeting, connects and motivates her team of UTSC student volunteer mentors (5 students), and executes leadership at her school: Pearson Collegiate.

Gobika Sithamparanathan

Honours Bachelor of Science
Majors in Human Biology and Neuroscience
Since her first year, Gobika served on the UTSC Academic Affairs Committee, Scarborough Campus Student Union, Department of Student Life, Office of the Registrar, Admissions and Student Recruitment, AccessAbility Services, Campus Community Police and many UTSC academic departments.  Gobika also contributed to student life at UTSC as a volunteer and executive member in many student organization on campus all with the focus of enriching student learning experience, community engagement and personal development.  Her commitment to extracurricular activities also extend beyond the UTSC campus into the community.

Marilyn Mills

Honours Bachelor of Science
Major in Psychology, Minors in Biology and Sociology

Marilyn, in her role with Imani for the past four years has contributed to both the on-campus community (UTSC students) and to the immediate community beyond the campus of East Scarborough. As the Student Lead, Marilyn supports all aspects of the program, including, leading team meetings, speaking with local school liaisons, facilitating discussions and workshops, communicating the power of Imani’s commitment to equity and anti-racism, leads strategy, engages in program development discussions, plans and supports execution of large scale events, troubleshoots challenges at every level – with the youth, at the school level, with mentors, and with facilitators.

Bukama Muntu

Honours Bachelor of Arts
Major in Women’s and Gender Studies

Bukama has been a Hart House Community Engagement Ambassador, co-organizer of the first Afro-Canadian Gala at Hart House, and a Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Committee member. As a community engagement ambassador, she facilitated wellness based activities.  As a recipient of the Canada 150 fund, she co-organized the first Afro-Canadian gala to celebrate 150 years of Canadian Black history through the arts. Lastly, as a Hancock Lecture committee member, she helped coordinate various programming around the theme of anti-black racism.