Letter Award

The University of Toronto Scarborough Letter Awards were established in the fall of 2000 by the Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing with the support of the Council on Student Services. The awards aim to recognize graduating students for significant contributions to campus life. The awards are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge students who have made a lasting impact on the student experience at U of T Scarborough.

Any member of the U of T Scarborough community (students, staff or faculty) is welcome to submit nominations for the award. Nominees must be current full-time or part-time students who are eligible and intend to graduate in June or November of 2020.

Congratulations to our 2020 Letter Award recipients!

2020 Letter Awards Recipients

Darshana Koirala

darshana koiralaHonours Bachelor of Arts - Major in International Development, Double Minor in Psychology and Anthropology 

Darshana held many leadership roles during her undergraduate career such as Good2Talk Campus Coordinator, Wellness Program Coordinator and Peer Mentor. She also founded Health Nav, an initiative that promotes healthy living and fitness on campus. Darshana made significant contributions to the residence community serving as Residence Advisor, President of the Residence Council and most recently, as the Residence Engagement Facilitator. Darshana is also the recipient of the Athletics & Recreation Leadership Award.

Devyani Premkumar

devyani premkumarHonors Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Human Biology & Mental Health Studies

Devyani is most proud of her growth through the Scarborough Pre-Med Society in which she coordinated UTSC’s very first health advocacy campaign on cannabis, connected with the community through a mentorship program and developed resources to help UTSC students with their passions in healthcare. Devyani is excited to graduate and is grateful for her team, friends and the UTSC community for enriching her academic and extracurricular experience.

Hamza Inayat

hamza inayatBachelor of Science - Double Major in Neuroscience and Psychology

Hamza co-founded HOSA UTSC, which received the SCSU Campus Life Award in the first year of operation. Hamza also earned a Leadership Award recognizing contributions to Athletics & Recreation's Sneaker Squad. Elected as Co-President for the Friends of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) chapter at UTSC, Hamza supported fundraising and awareness initiatives on campus. 

Luisa Maria Gragirena-Husbands

luisa gregirena-husbandsHonour Bachelor of Arts - International Development Studies (Co-op)

Luisa's time here at UTSC has been complemented by extracurricular involvement where she has found life long friends and meaningful experiences. Luisa's most memorable experiences include contributing to the Positive Space Committee, Volunteering with Pumped for Post-Sec with Department of Student Life and her role as Residence Advisor on the Residence Life Team.

Paras Kapoor

paras kapoorHonours Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Neuroscience and Psychology, Minor in Biology

Paras co-founded Parkinson Canada Society at UTSC in order to provide information to the UTSC community about Parkinson Canada. This included advocating for their overall mission and promoting unique healthcare volunteering opportunities for students. Paras also worked as a Facilitated Study Group (FSG) Leader to help students gain mastery over challenging course material, and served as Vice-President of the Hindu Students' Council at UTSC.

Tegwende Seedu

tegwende seeduHonors Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Neuroscience and French, Minor in Biology

Tegwende is most proud of working as a Site Facilitator for the Imani Academic Mentorship Program, leading a team of volunteering undergrad students to mentor and tutor Black middle school students. Tegwende was also the Co-Chair of the Future Black Physicians student-led group supporting racialized students on campus aspiring to careers in medicine and healthcare. 

Carmina Santos

Honours Bachelor of Science - Human Biology and Health Studiescarmina santos

Carmina is most proud of her contributions to science, health and equity. On the Biology Students’ Association, Carmina founded the National Suicide Prevention Week Campaign at UTSC and launched the organization’s first-ever volunteer newsletter. As the Director of Volunteers and Charity, she mentored a team of students to develop an initiative to help students quit smoking. With the Women’s and Trans Centre, she created an in-house podcast celebrating exceptional femme-identifying, non-binary and trans students with listeners across 4 continents.

Maryam Fatima

maryam fatimaHonours Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Health Studies and Political Science

By far, Maryam's most meaningful contribution to campus was fostering community spirit during her service as president of HOSA UTSC – Future Health Professionals. As Director of Speaker Relations for TEDxUTSC, Maryam worked intimately with speakers to enrich the attendee’s experience. HOSA’s and TEDxUTSC’s conferences are now amongst the largest on campus.

Nadifa Mohamed

Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Psychology and Health Studies

During her time in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society Students’ Association (ICHSSA) and the International Health Film Series and Expo (IHFSE), Nadifa had the opportunity to contribute to many events and initiatives. A few of her most rewarding co-curricular achievements include bridging the gap between students and professors, organizing events (i.e., What's next series), and leading a team of brilliant young minds.

Nicholas Marcelli

nicholas marcelliHonours Bachelor of Arts - Specialization in English Literature, Minor in Literature and Film Studies

Nicholas has had the opportunity to volunteer with various campus groups and departments, including the Department of Student Life and AccessAbility Services. One of his greatest co-curricular achievements was serving as President of the Students of English Literature and Film from 2018-2019. As President of SELF, Nicholas had the opportunity to help create new events and initiatives geared towards the entire UTSC student community, including a new creative writing magazine, Emerging Voices.

Rabia Mahmood

rabia mahmoodHonours Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Human Biology and Psychology

Rabia is passionate about promoting health, practicing arts and playing sports. She created UTSC Visual Arts Club to give students from all disciplines a chance to explore arts and develop new interests. Additionally, in an effort to reduce the gap in the need and supply of blood, she helped create new projects and initiatives on campus as Vice-President and then President of the UTSC Blood Team.

Rachel Kandiah

rachel kandiahHonours Bachelor of Science - Mental Health Studies, Minor in Philosophy

During her time at UTSC, Rachel has coordinated initiatives that supported the outreach and engagement of Indigenous, multi-faith and education access and inclusion practices. Rachel has worked alongside the Indigenous community, with high school students facing barriers to higher education and bridging the gap between chaplains and students curious about faith and spirituality.

Sana Najafi

sana najafiHonours Bachelor of Arts - International Development Students, Double Minor in Political Science and Anthropology

Sana made getting involved on campus a priority from the beginning of her time at UTSC. In first year Sana volunteered with several clubs and departments, and as the years went on, followed up with leadership roles in some of those clubs. Sana was co-chair of the International Development Conference, co-founder of the Amnesty International club and was a volunteer tutor with Frontier College. 

Jennifer Xu

jennifer xuHonours Bachelor of Arts - Arts Management Specialist, Music and Culture Major

Jennifer held challenging roles of Artistic Director of UTSC’s annual interdisciplinary arts festival (ARTSIDEOUT) and Chair of the Arts, Culture and Media Department student association (ACMSA). Through helping the department plan and execute numerous events such as the visiting artist lecture series, the end-of-term concerts and theatre productions, Jennifer has developed treasured relationships with ACM staff, professors and other students.

Rehan Jayavendra

rehan jayavendraBachelor of Business Administration - Management and Accounting

Rehan founded the Sports and Business Association (SBA) in hopes that this student organization would inspire the future generation of sports business leaders stemming from within the UTSC community. Additionally, with a personal connection to Alzheimer’s, Rehan founded the Alzheimer’s Society and currently serves as the Accountant of the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, where he previously held the title of Member Service Staff.

Gajathree Ananthathurai

gajathree ananthanthuraiHonours Bachelor of Science - Mental Health Studies Co-op Specialist, Neuroscience Major

Gaja's most rewarding co-curricular achievements was working as a Team Lead for the International Student Centre's special events and projects team this year. Events included International Education Week, Diwali & Lunar New Year Celebrations, Night Market and more. Gaja also worked as a project assistant for UTSC's first-ever Vermicompost Facility operated by the Edible Campus initiative converting food waste from the UTSC kitchens into nutrient rich-compost for the UTSC Campus Farm. 

James Rasalingam

james ransalingamHonours Bachelor of Science - Major in Health Studies (Co-op)

James has worked with several departments across the campus including the Department of Student Life, Information & Instructional Technology Services and AccessAbility Services. James was also a member of the Department of Student Life Advisory Committee and Enhancement Fund Committee as well as participating with the Mental Health Network and Council of Student Services.

Mura Abdul-Nabi

mura abdul-nabiHonours Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Neuroscience and Psychology, Minor in Biology

Mura served as the First Year Representative, Communications Director and Vice President of External Affairs for HOSA UTSC - Future Health Professionals from 2016-2019. She was also quite involved in the research community and worked as a Lab Manager. Her spare time was spent playing volleyball in the Competitive Interhouse League, and was the team captain for two years.

Elaine Larocque

elaine larocqueMaster of Environmental Science

Elaine completed the Global Learning Program with the International Student Centre allowing her to globalize her degree and share that experience with other students. Elaine also had the opportunity to be a leader in the community and promote a healthy active lifestyle as captain of the UTSC Women’s D-League soccer team.

Mohammad Moustafa

mohammad moustafaHonours Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Mohamed's top co-curricular achievement during his undergrad was helping start Hack The Valley, UTSC’s premier hackathon event, which brings together hundreds of participants picked from thousands of applications across the world to build something special. Another achievement was Mohamed's involvement in the IC2 project planning committee where he advocated for the space needs of all students and clubs on campus.

Simran Vedvyas

simran vedvyasHonours Bachelor of Science 

Simran aided in the development and improvement of student programs on residence through her roles as a Residence Advisor from 2017-2019 and as a Lead Residence Advisor from 2019-2020. She previously served as President, Vice President Academics and First Year Representative for Students of Sociology at UTSC in 2018, 2017 and 2016 respectively. Simran also served as a Director of Speaker Relations (Staff & Faculty) for TEDxUTSC at their 2018 conference – Unearthed.