2017 Letter Awards Ceremony Recap

2017 U of T Scarborough Letter Award winners from the Office of Student Affairs & Services.

On Thursday, March 30, the Office of Student Affairs & Services had the pleasure of hosting an award ceremony for the 2017 Letter Awards recipients.

The awards aim to recognize graduating students for significant contributions to campus life and publicly acknowledge students who have made a lasting impact at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients! Here’s the list of winners and a selection of photos from the day:

Agrin Partovyan, Ahiraa Supeinthiran, Asha Mattis, Caitlin Cosgrove, Cassandra Catherine Rawlings, Charles Dumrique, Eunillyne Lazado, Fatah Awil, Jason Li, Jessica Chan, Meera Mahendiran, Meera Premnazeer, Muhanad Ali, Qusai Hussain, Sameeha Zaynab, Simone Robinson, Teresa Gomes, Trina James, Vivian Zhou, and Zahra Rajabi

Photos by: Ken Jones

Speaker introducing Letter Award winners Applause for Letter Award winners
Speaker with closing remarks for Letter Awards Students and staff mixing and mingling at Letter Awards
Student with Mom and staff at Letter Awards Student with Mom and staff at Letter Awards
Winner holding award with Mom and brother Two students in attendance at Letter Awards smiling for their photo