19,500+ Participate in Academic & Career Workshops

U of T Scarborough student on a computer getting help from staff member.

Over the past year the Academic Advising & Career Centre hosted 19,503 participants in a range of workshops and events focused on academic and career support for U of T Scarborough students.

The Academic Advising & Career Centre integrates academic advising, learning skills support, career counselling, and employment coaching through experiential learning programs, services, events, and online resources. Participation in academic and career workshops and events increased 12.6% during 2015-2016 with students involved in various activities including:

  • 5,967 participants in 36 in-class workshops
  • 3,700 participants in six fairs including the popular Entrepreneur EXPO
  • 2,642 participants in 21 Get Started academic orientation sessions

Other academic and career programming includes employer panels, networking sessions, Choosing Your Program Month, and the Get Hired conference. These workshops and events support students with their learning, development and academic success. In fact, approximately 85% of respondents reported feeling more knowledgeable about academic and career topics after completing workshops with the Academic Advising & Career Centre.

To learn more about the academic and career support available, you can take the next step in one of the following ways:

www.utsc.utoronto.ca/aacc | 416.287.7561 | aacc@utsc.utoronto.ca