Michelle Silver

Michelle Silver
Associate Professor


PhD (University of Chicago), MPP (University of California Berkeley), BA & BS (University of California Berkeley)


  • Institute of Health Policy, Management, & Evaluation (IHPME) Dalla Lana School of Public Health
  • Institute for Life Course and Aging, University of Toronto
  • University of Toronto Department of Sociology
  • Gerontological Society of America
  • Canadian Association on Gerontology
  • Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research

Research Interests: 

  • Gerontology
  • Life course and aging
  • Work identity and retirement
  • Health information seeking behaviors
  • Perceptions about aging

Awards and Grants: 

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Principle Investigator (2018-2020)
  • Health, Retirement and Retirement Security, Co-Principle Investigator (2016-2017)
  • Mitacs Accelerate Cluster, Principle Investigator (2016-2017)
  • Connaught New Researcher Award (2015-2016)
  • Research Competitiveness Fund, UTSC Vice-Principal Research (2015-2016)
  • Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant, Collaborator (2014-2018)
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning Teaching Enhancement Grant (2012)
  • NIA Pre-doctoral Training Fellow (2006-2008)


Select Publications: 


Silver, M.P. (2018). Retirement and Its Discontents: Why we won't stop working, even if we can. New York: Columbia University Press


Silver, M.P., Dass, A., & Laporte. (forthcoming). The effect of post-retirement employment on health. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing. doi: 10.1016/j.jeoa.2018.11.005

Silver, M.P., Easty, L.K., Sewell, L.M., Yachouh, R., & Behman, A.(forthcoming). Better to start developing habits now”: Perspectives on exercise participation among Canadian university students. Health Education Journal.  doi:10.1177/0017896919850206

Silver, M.P., Settels, J., Schafer, M., & Schieman, S. (2019). Getting the hours you want in the pre-retirement years: Work hour preferences and mismatch among older Canadian workers. Work, Aging and Retirement. 5(2): 175-188. doi: 10.1093/workar/way015

Silver, M.P. & Cronin, S. (2019). Healthcare providers’ perspectives on family compliance and behavior change in a childhood obesity program. Health Education & Behavior.  46(4): 582-591. doi: 10.1177/1090198119831053

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Silver, M.P. (forthcoming/2019). The unbearable lightness of being retired. The Canadian  Journal on Aging / La Revue canadienne du vieillissement. 38(1): 36 pages.

Silver, M.P. (2018). Retirement and Its Discontents: Why we won't stop working, even if we can. New York: Columbia University Press

Silver, M.P., & Williams, S.A. (2018).  Reluctance to retire: An intergenerational perspective on work identity and retirement from academic medicine.  The Gerontologist. doi:10.1093/geront/gnw142

Silver, M.P., McRoberts, S., & Singh, H. (2018). When working out works out: Program administrators’ perspectives on seniors’ exercise participation. Activities, Adaptation & Aging. 41(4):1-22. doi:10.1080/01924788.2017.1376177

Silver, M.P. (2017). Physician retirement: Gender, geography, and pensions. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

Silver, M.P. & Easty, L.K. (2017). Planning for retirement from medicine: A mixed methods study of barriers and facilitators to physician retirement. Canadian Medical Association Journal Open. 5(1): E123-129. doi:10.9778/cmajo.20160133

Silver, M.P., Hamilton, A., Biswas, A. & Warrick, N. (2016). A Systematic Review of Physician Retirement Planning.  BMC Human Resources for Health. 14(67): 1-13.  doi: 10.1186/s12960-016-0166-z

Silver, M.P.  (2016). A critical reflection on physician retirement. Canadian Family Physician. 62(10), 783-4.

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Silver, M.P. (2010). Women’s retirement and self-assessed wellbeing: An analysis of three measures of wellbeing among recent and long-term retirees relative to homemakers. Women & Health, 50, 1-19. doi:10.1080/03630241003601111


Silver, M.P. (2018). Retirement Expectations. IS it all that it's cracked up to be? Caregiver Solutions. 20(3): 8-10.

Green, P., Fraser-Thomas, J., Silver, S. Khan, T. & Wolman, L. (2017). A Physical Literacy Strategy for Urban Indigenous Families Through the Life Cycle.  A Collaborative Report produced by Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, 77 pages. 

Silver, M.P., Brown, A., Mazer, A., & O’Reilly, R. (2016).  Health, Retirement and Retirement Security. White paper for the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan.

Carey, A., Jurbala, P., Keila, P.S., McRoberts, S.R.W., Melnike, C.J., & Silver, M.P. (2016). Durable by Design: Active for Life.  Canadian Sport for Life.  ISBN: 978-1-927921-22-7 http://canadiansportforlife.ca/resources/active-life-durable-design

Silver, M.P.  (2015).  Getting your ducks in a row to retire from medicine. Rehab & Community Care in Medicine, 24, 1, 18-22.

Teaching Interests: 

  • Foundations in Health Studies (Introductory level)
  • Health, Aging, and the Life Course (B, C level)
  • Health Research Methods (D level)
  • Embodiment Across the Life Course (D level)
  • Mixed Methods Research (Graduate level)