New Frontiers Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars

When: 8 April 2021, 12-1pm


Guest: Dr. Sheila Colla |

Faculty of Environmental Studies
York University


Title: Exploring the human dimensions of pollinator conservation


Abstract: Dr. Sheila Colla will be discussing the current status of wild pollinators and discuss their current environmental stressors. Her research has documented declines of many native species and examined threats globally. More recently her research has shifted focus to socio-economic barriers to conservation and sociocultural importance of pollinator biodiversity. This talk will discuss these challenges and ways forward.


Bio: Sheila Colla, PhD. is a Conservation Scientist and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University. Her research program examines the status of wild pollinators, threats to declining species and wildlife conservation management. She is the York University Chair in Interdisciplinary Conservation Science and co-authored “The Bumblebee of North America: An Identification Guide” (Princeton University Press, 2014).


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When: 18 March 2021, 12-1pm


Guest: Dr. Claire Kremen |

Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management
University of British Columbia


Title: Tweaks to transformations: Using ecological intensification and diversification to improve outcomes for biodiversity and food systems


Abstract: How do we re-design agricultural landscapes to maintain their productivity and profitability, while promoting rather than eradicating biodiversity, and regenerating rather than undermining the ecological processes that sustain food production and are vital for a livable planet? Ecological intensification harnesses ecological processes to increase food production per area through management processes that often diversify croplands to support beneficial organisms supplying these services. Dr. Kremen will explore several examples, from tweaks to full-scale transformations of farming systems, that show the promise of ecological intensification and diversification techniques, and discuss the policy changes needed to promote broader uptake.


Bio: Claire Kremen is President’s Excellence Chair in Biodiversity at University of British Columbia. Previously, she was a professor first at
Princeton and then at University of California, Berkeley, where she founded the Center for Diversified Farming Systems and the Berkeley Food Institute. Before that, she worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Xerces Society on establishing protected areas and conducting biodiversity research in Madagascar. She was named a Macarthur Fellow in 2007 and Volvo Environment Prize Laureate in 2020. She obtained her PhD from Duke University in 1987.


Register: Due to the current circumstances, the events are all taking place online. Please fill out the registration form here to receive a Zoom link.


Upcoming Seminars

When: 26 Jan 2021, 12-1pm


Guest: Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou

Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University


Title: Catching Up With The CRISPR Craze: Applications Of Genome Editing In Medicine, Ag And Beyond


Abstract: The advent of CRISPR-based technologies has revolutionized our ability to manipulate the genetic content of organisms across the tree of life and democratized genome editing across the globe. Actually, genome editing technologies have been broadly deployed in academia and industry in the past 8 years, to manipulate the genomes of organisms relevant to medicine, biotechnology and agriculture. I will look back on the historical milestones that have paved the way for the CRISPR era, discuss the business potential of this disruptive technology, and account for regulatory frameworks, public engagement, investment opportunities and competitive landscape implications.


Bio: Rodolphe Barrangou Ph.D. is the T. R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Professor in Probiotics Research at North Carolina State University. Barrangou is focusing on the characterization of CRISPR Cas systems, and their applications in bacteria. For his CRISPR work, Rodolphe received several awards, including the Canada Gairdner International Award. Dr. Barrangou is also a co-founder of Intellia Therapeutics, Locus Biosciences, TreeCo, Ancilia Biosciences and CRISPR biotechnologies, and the Editor in Chief of the CRISPR Journal.


Register: Due to the current circumstances, the events are all taking place online. Contact for Zoom details.