An Inclusive Hub For Healthcare Education

The Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH) will provide an inclusive hub for education and strengthen connections among healthcare providers in the region.

Watch our university’s stakeholders explain how SAMIH will make a difference in the Eastern GTA

Meric Gertler
President, University of Toronto
Wisdom J. Tettey
Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Arifuzzaman
Chief Administrative Officer, University of Toronto Scarborough
Patricia Houston
Acting Dean, Temerty Faculty of Medicine / Vice Dean, Medical Education
Linda Johnston
Dean – Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

SAMIH building exterior

Letters of Support

The Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health idea is a very exciting and timely initiative. The project will not only provide a much-needed training facility for physicians and healthcare professionals but will allow residents to be part of the bigger, future building initiative in health care. It will connect people directly to our local health care institutions to provide essential care to our diverse community in Scarborough.

This initiative will also enhance the collaborative work that local organizations and health care providers are putting together to address the service and resource gaps that exist in the Scarborough community. As a settlement agency, providing services for newcomers and immigrants in Scarborough for over 60 years, and lead organization for the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership, we are very familiar with the needs of our local community.

We fully endorse and support UTSC’s initiative and are excited about the opportunities this project will open up for our community and residents.

Agnes Thomas
Executive Director, Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS)

I am writing this in support of the University of Toronto Scarborough’s (UTSC) proposal to establish the Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH).

The East Scarborough Storefront has been working on a local workforce development project, called East Scarborough Works, by facilitating cross-sector collaboration between employers, unions, anchor institutions, including UTSC, service providers, trainers and residents to nurture a healthy and connected local employment ecosystem.

UTSC has been an excellent community partner on this project for the past 4 years and together we have also worked on many other community projects over the last 10 years. A community ecosystem is characterized by the connections and interdependent relationships between and among people, local changemakers, organizations and institutions. These relationships and connections are strengthened when all players understand each other's roles and are brought together around shared goals.

The SAMIH will strengthen the local ecosystem by connecting learners from diverse and equity seeking groups in Scarborough with training and local professional clinical experience to support them in securing local healthcare jobs which will benefit local people by providing them ease of access to highly trained practicing health professionals.

We support UTSC's proposal to establish the Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH) and look forward to continuing to work with them to strengthen the East Scarborough community ecosystem.

Sahar Vermezyari
Director, The East Scarborough Storefront