Workplace Violence

The University of Toronto has a Policy with Respect to Workplace Violence, and a Policy with respect to Workplace Harassment, which outlines the commitment of the University to protect the University Community from Workplace Violence and Harassment. The Policies can be found on the University of Toronto Governing Council Policies page under:

Workplace Violence Program

The University of Toronto also has a Workplace Violence Program that details information on:

The scope of the program, definitions, roles and responsibilities, and who to contact:

  • Immediate assistance
  • Non-immediate assistance
  • Institutional reporting of incidents
  • Reporting physical workplace conditions

Assessing risk and threats of workplace violence and controlling risk of workplace violence:

  • Campus resources
  • Communication systems
  • Electronic security measures
  • Physical/structural security measures
  • Policies
  • Information sheets
  • Training

Investigating Incidents of Workplace Violence

For more information, please refer to the University of Toronto Workplace Violence Program.