About Us

UTSC Campus Safety Special Constable Service is part of the Campus Safety Operations portfolio. Our activities are established through policies, directives, and best practices, and much of what we do is governed by an agreement between the Governing Council of the University of Toronto and the Toronto Police Services Board. Annual reports are submitted to the UTSC Campus Affairs Committee, University Affairs Board and the Toronto Police Services Board.

Our primary responsibility is the safety and security of the University community. Our team includes an Assistant Director, two Staff Sergeants, four Corporals, and fourteen Special Constables. All officers are sworn special constables and act under the authority of the Ontario Police Services Act to enforce federal and provincial statutes on University of Toronto property. Officers also enforce University and parking regulations. UTSC Campus Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week and patrol the campus by foot, bicycle and car to enhance personal safety, prevent property crime, and monitor for fire and other hazardous conditions on campus.

We coordinate community engagement programs, provide speakers, answer inquiries on matters of law enforcement, advise on personal safety and security and other related topics.

Mission Statement

To support the academic mission of the University, UTSC Campus Safety works in partnership with our community to:

  • Protect persons and property by developing programs and conducting activities that promote safety and security
  • Prevent crime, maintain the peace, resolve conflicts and promote good order
  • Deliver non-discriminatory, inclusive programs to our diverse community
  • Remain accountable to our community
  • Provide referral to community services
  • Respond to emergencies and provide assistance to faculty, students and staff
  • Ensure University policies and regulations are followed
  • Enforce the criminal code and selected provincial and municipal statutes as necessary


University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Safety is accountable to our community and guided by the following principles and values:

  • Respect for the dignity, privacy, worth and diversity of all persons
  • Fair and impartial treatment of all individuals
  • A departmental philosophy that promotes safety and security as a responsibility of all members of the community
  • Reliability, competence, accountability
  • Teamwork and open communication
  • An approach to campus safety that welcomes and encourages community involvement and promotes equity