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STEAM Lego Program

A highly experienced and passionate educator, Mr. Lego is back by popular demand to inspire children to create amazing buildings, cities, places, people, animals and just about anything that comes to the imagination of kids. According to Mr. Lego it is the “best building toy ever to grace this planet – engineering in its rawest form”.

Equipment Required:

LEGO CLASSIC MEDIUM BOX 1069: Required purchase for full program engagement. Program item can be purchased through Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart, etc.







Program Curriculum 

Monday - Animals & Habitats

Where do our furry, scaly, slithery and sometimes scary animal friends live? Of course, in specific habitats! Discussions of the many different habitats around the globe leads to random cards being selected to uncloak the habitat and representative animals will be made by each child...from the Wetlands to the Arctic to the Savannah and more.

TuesdayCanadian Holidays

Canadians really like their holidays – we love to throw parties! We will discuss the various holidays, why some of them were created, and how we celebrate different days off! Cards, again, are selected and examples of what could/should be built to illustrate their holiday are shown...get ready for fireworks, picnics and large dinners!

WednesdayLife in a Pioneer Village                                                           

Modern cities and towns owe their existence to the pioneers that first settled an area – at first there were only a few buildings, but all of them were important. We will discuss the Blacksmith's Shop, the Lumber Mill, the one-room School House and Walmart's or McDonald's, just the General Store!


Ancient wall and floor coverings begin this session as we discuss the artwork that went into Mosaics, first made from tile, stone and glass. Our job will be to come up with modern day Mosaics using LEGO bricks – we will generate flowers, animals, maybe even dinosaurs together, but all with beautiful patterns!

FridayAh, Venice!                                                                                        

The ancient engineering practices are discussed which answer the question, “How do you build an entire city on water?” The build then consists of canals, arch bridges, churches, gondolas and pizzerias that are created as we build the ancient city – and don't forget the gelato shops...everyone loves ice cream!


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Program Curriculum  

MondaySeasonal Changes                                                                           

We break up the year into parts – months, weeks, days and Seasons! The science of the earth orbiting the sun is discussed, the reason that we have different seasons, then 1 of the 4 seasons are built by all participants with associated outdoor activities. Camping, snowball fights, soccer games and carving pumpkins will all miraculously appear!

Tuesday - The Math of Sports                                                                           

The history of the Olympic Games begins this lesson, then all of the math that goes into the different events at the Olympics. All will then build pieces of the Canadian Olympic Team – Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Equestrian, Tennis etc., complete with the venue! And a refreshment stand for hot dogs and drinks!

WednesdayEdison to Musk!                       

From the Wright Brothers and the first plane, through Alexander Graham Bell, to the first computer, Inventions are discussed at length. Each builder will then create a never-before-seen invention using LEGO...lots of new and original ideas go into this build!


Communities need to start somewhere – the right services and buildings will attract others to come and grow the community into a town. We create LEGO-ville after a discussion of the important buildings that are necessary, then random cards are selected by each camper to give suggestions as to what could be included in his/her build...sirens, skating rinks, libraries and maybe a museum with unknown artifacts, we'll see!

FridayAround the World   

This session takes us to the four corners of the globe as we discuss architecture from various countries. From India to Russia to Australia to elsewhere and we will have the Collegium, St. Peter's Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower and even the Canadian Parliament Building built, among others – learning and building the entire time!


STEAM Lego virtual class



Quantum Kidz inspires boys and girls to ignite their creativity and explore the world of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics—through fun educational LEGO® programs. Mr Lego is an experienced and passionate educator with a mission to empower children’s inherent ability to learn and grow their knowledge of STEAM disciplines through play.

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