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STEAM Lego Program

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Mr. Lego is an experienced and passionate educator with an uncanny ability to ignite a sense of curiosity and creativity in young minds while they develop an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) concepts through an exploration of past, current building structures, future innovations and more!


Monday – Where No One Has Gone Before! Space…let's colonize Mars! So, we learn about NASA, then we need rocket ships, aliens, space stations, and a rover to get around the planet!

Tuesday – Engineering 101! How did we get around when we first arrived in Canada? On foot, on horseback...but what about rivers & valleys? We had to make Bridges – lots of them, different kinds discussed then many are built!

Wednesday – Nefertiti's Notions! Over 6,000 years ago there lived a woman named Nefertiti...she was responsible for many things, including the first 'base-10' number system! We find out about her, the math, then build ancient Egypt – pyramids, Obelisks, the Sphinx and the Nile River!).

Thursday – Tales, Verses & Sonnets! Shakespeare – the man, the myth, the legend is discussed in detail...then we create a Shakespeare play with characters, the setting, and of course - a plot!

Friday – Damsels, Knights & Squires! How do you protect the 'good guys' inside the Medieval castle and keep the 'bad guys' outside? The defenses are learned, then the build is complete with moats, drawbridges, crenellations, and the keep.