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Leaders in Training (LIT) Certificate Program

Our Youth Leadership Certificate program (Leaders-in-Training) provides a safe online environment for teens to learn, make new friends, while supported by experienced program facilitators comprised of U of T staff, faculty, alumni, camp counsellors and community partners.  The program provides comprehensive character-building workshops and extracurricular activities which will provide your teen the opportunity to discover their leadership potential in an enriched and empowering virtual experience this summer!




The Youth Leadership Certificate Program provides a transformative virtual 2-week experience for teens.  Youth develop critical thinking skills and learn about a variety of global topics, while honing new leadership skills working in small groups and completing a series of self-reflective exercises.  Most importantly, they build confidence, self-awareness and motivation to set and accomplish goals while being their authentic selves.

Note:  The Leadership certificate program requires mandatory attendance for daily programming from 9am – 12pm.  Attendance is optional for interactive activities offered from 1-2pm or 1-2:30pm.  Youth will receive certificate of completion on the last day of program.





WORKSHOPSThe duration of each workshop per day is 3 hours.  Workshops are facilitated by experienced program facilitators comprised of U of T Scarborough staff, faculty, alumni, Leadership Counsellors and external community partners.

Program Overview: The program welcome begins with an in-depth overview of the Leadership program curriculum and extracurricular activities. There will also be a series of ice-breakers performed in order for the teens to feel comfortable and connected to their peers. The program facilitators that will lead the programs provide the teens with a clear understanding on the expectations of their participation in the scheduled workshops. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:  This insightful workshop provides leadership youth with the understanding of how essential it is for emerging leaders to be knowledgeable about factors that make for healthy diverse work environments.  Most importantly, the workshop will overview the steps to identify, eliminate, reduce and mitigate barriers that manifest in work environments that prevent harmonious, equitable, inclusive and flourishing atmospheres.

Social Media & Entrepreneurship:  Overviews entrepreneurial leadership roles using social media platforms, and how social media is used in business to market and sell product and services. 

Civic Engagement:  Explores civic participation promoting the quality of community life through individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern through political and non-political processes (e.g. exercising the right to vote, social activism, volunteerism, fundraising, active membership in a group or organization etc.)

Personal Finance: This workshop introduces youth to the concepts of short and long-term financial planning and goal setting pertaining to budgeting, saving and mindful spending habits. 

Public Speaking and Debating:  The workshop focus is on the development of the participants speaking and active listening skills, in addition to their ability to critically analyze and present facts while communicating in a respectful manner when their point of view differs from their peers. the program objective is to improve their level of confidence when speaking in front of a small or large audience.

Life Balance – Mental Health:  Enlightened discussion and self-reflective exercises focusing on characteristics associated with great leaders and the importance of self-regulation – the ability to stay focused, goal-oriented, mindful of one’s actions, the ability to manage stress, and ultimately the importance of making healthy life choices. 

Youth Programming:  Leadership youth will learn the framework to design inclusive games for children 5-12 and the tools in which to lead, manage and safely oversee children in a non-discriminatory environment, based on standards upheld by camp administration and counsellors at Camp U of T Scarborough. *This workshop is only provided in the session 2 certificate program.

Cover Letter & Resume Development: Interactive work lab where youth learn the required steps and components to compose a cover letter and resume from scratch, or enhance a pre-existing cover letter and resume. 

Interview Practice & Program Summary:  Youth complete mock interviews with a partner and/or in mini-groups applying what they've learned the previous day in the Cover Letter and Resume workshop on how to leverage their transferable job skills and volunteer experiences. Lastly, the program will end with a recap of essential key components, followed by youth completing a survey on their experience which will be used to improve future programs.



Game Craze: Envision your teens participating in a fusion of online board and card games in real time, moving from one fun-filled game room to another using many cool features the Zoom platform offers that makes learning fun!

Culinaria Kitchen Lab (Cooking and Baking): Youth will engage in leadership roles working individually and within a team preparing classic dishes.


Wednesday, August 4:  Cooking - Pizza 

Thursday, August 5:  Baking - Citrus Curd Tarts


Wednesday, August 18:  Cooking 2: Quiche

Thursday, August 19:  Baking 2: Nanaimo Bars


Mentalism:  A performing art form (a sub-category of magic) in which practitioners use natural abilities such as reading body language, using intuition and subliminal communication to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. *This activity is offered twice for each Leadership program session.

Yoga: Physical activity that allows teens to seamlessly flow through a series of empowering yoga poses – tree and warrior pose to name a few.  Teens will decompress, breathe, and connect with self and peers, in a positive virtual space where they can JUST BE! The session will end in a relaxation pose where participants can reflect and regroup.

Art Visualization:  An artistic workshop whereby Leadership youth can visually express their individual interests and goals they want to achieve.  *Youth will be informed of required materials needed to fully engage in this activity. 



 Workshops are facilitated by experienced program facilitators comprised of U of T Scarborough Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Leadership Counsellors and External Community Partners.