Receiving Mail

Picking up your mail and parcels

Mail and parcels are received at a central UTSC location and are then processed by Student Housing & Residence Life mail staff.

Students living in residence will be notified to their official University of Toronto email address ( once the Student Housing and Residence Life office has processed mail into our system. 

We canot accept letter mail or parcels for students not currently living in residence.


Fall 2020 Mail and Parcel pick up (Starting Tuesday, September 8, 2020): 

When: Monday to Friday, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Where: Residence Centre 

Instructions: When you enter the front doors of the Residence Centre, go to the line on the right, indicated for mail and parcel pick up. Mail is distributed from the office kiosk across from the main Residence Office. You will need to show a piece of identification to pick up your mail. Do not visit the main Residence Office for mail and parcel pick up.

If you have questions about collecting mail or parcels, email 


Mailing Addresses

Provide the address below in order to receive a package.

South Residences
Aspen Hall, Birch Hall, Cedar Hall,
Dogwood Hall, Elm Hall, Fir Hall, Grey Pine Hall,
Hickory Hall & Ironwood Hall
North Residences
Juniper Hall, Koa Hall, Larch Hall
and Maple Hall
Joan Foley Hall Apartment
Resident Name
Unit #: (e.g. H-8-I)
1295 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 3A8
Resident Name
_______ Hall 
Unit #: (e.g. J-7-F)
1235 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 1A3
Resident Name 
________ Hall 
Unit #: (e.g. FH 308)
1295 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 3A8

Local Postal Outlets

Highland Creek Guardian Drugs & Postal Outlet 
364 Old Kingston Rd 
Toronto, Ontario, M1C 1B0
MAC’s Centenary Postal Outlet 
2872 Ellesmere Rd. (Nielson & Ellesmere)
West Hill Pharmacy Inc and Postal Outlet
4410 Kingston Rd.
Toronto, Ontario, M1E 2N0
Shoppers Drug Mart Postal Outlet
Scarborough Town Centre


What happens to my mail after I leave residence?

When you leave residence, either for a session or upon graduation, it is your responsibility to update all contacts of your new address. The Student Housing & Residence Life office will not keep or store mail for students once they have left residence. All mail and/or packages will be marked Returned to Sender and sent back to Canada Post. For more information on how to change your address and redirect your mail, please visit the Canada Post website.