U of T Scarborough Graduate Student Travel Grant

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The Office of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation (OVPRI) will provide a travel grant of up to $400 per student per year to support graduate student travel and registration expenses to attend and present research results at academic conferences.

The travel grant application must be submitted within the fiscal year (May 1 – April 30) in which the conference took place.

The travel grant may support more than one conference up to the $400 grant maximum; however, the money cannot be carried forward to the next fiscal year if not claimed.

Visit the University of Toronto Safety Abroad website to prepare for your trip and make sure you are aware of your responsibilities when traveling abroad. You should also register in the U of T Safety Abroad Database to allow the University to track where and when you are abroad so that emergency assistance can be offered if necessary.

Student Eligibility

Eligible students include all graduate students who are registered in a University of Toronto graduate program at the time of the conference and are identified in ROSI as based at the University of Toronto Scarborough. To be identified in ROSI, students must have completed and submitted an SGS Campus Affiliation Form available under the Registration and Enrolment section of the SGS Forms webpage.

Conference attendance must take place prior to completion of the graduate program requirements. Students will not be supported for attendance at a conference that takes place after the thesis defense date.

Travel grants will be provided to fund graduate student travel to attend and present their original research (e.g. research talk or poster contribution) at academic conferences. This research will comprise part of their degree program, and will have been completed under the primary supervision of a U of T Scarborough principal investigator.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include transportation, accommodation, meals and registration fees. All expenses must be supported with original receipts. Expense eligibility will be in accordance with the University of Toronto and Tri-council grant policies. 

Other research travel purposes, such as off-site data collection, collaboration, or visits to other research facilities are ineligible.

How to Apply 

Application for the grant consists of:

If you are being reimbursed from other sources in addition to this $400 U of T Scarborough Graduate Student Travel Grant, please work with your U of T Scarborough departmental Business Officer to coordinate a single expense claim before submitting it to the OVPRI. It is always good practice to have your Business Officer review each travel grant before submitting to the OVPRI.

Please keep a copy of your travel grant application form and expense reimbursement on file. Once your documentation has been reviewed by the departmental Business Officer and signed by your supervisor, please submit it to Kristine Peruzzi in room AA427, Arts and Administration Building for the signature of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation (VPRI).