Science Rendezvous is back this year virtually!

Science Rendezvous is back virtually this year! Enjoy talks by experts from the Toronto Zoo and UTSC student leaders from Let’s Talk Science — and, of course, the animals!

Join us on May 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM to participate in online science activities and presentations from the University of Toronto Scarborough in partnership with the Toronto Zoo and Let’s Talk Science.


At Home Activities From Let’s Talk Science Include…


Our Rising Oceans
In this activity, participants will learn how climate change affects the polar ice caps through a simple at-home demonstration using water, ice, and playdough.  Participants will also learn the difference between the north and south polar ice caps.


Creature Camouflage

In this activity, participants will learn why some animals are hard to see in nature, and why some animals’ cool patterns help with their survival.  Participants will learn about camouflage and have the opportunity to design their own creative camouflage creature they can hide around their home!


Strength of Spider Webs

This activity encourages students to explore the strength of spider silk by building their own spider web models. Individuals will be constructing two spider web models and comparing their strength by testing which objects can be held by each. Objects include rocks, soft balls, an apple, or a small toy around the home. The spider webs will be built using twine/yarn as well as dry spaghetti noodles.



Celebrate Science Rendezvous with the Toronto Zoo! There will be a Toronto Zoo Facebook Live special episode to kick off the day as well as lessons including…


Climate change

Dragons, oceans, and climate change. Join Zoo keeper Ryan to see how some of the Toronto Zoo’s animals are being affected by climate change and learn about what you can do to help.



Have you noticed that many aquatic animals are a different colour underneath compared to on top? Why do tigers have stripes?  Learn the cool ways animal use camouflage to help them find a meal or avoid becoming a meal!



Sticky webs, trip lines, and hammocks! Join Zoo keeper Brent in our invertebrate house to learn about the characteristics of spiders and the amazing way they use their webs!


The whole family is invited to explore their inner scientist on Saturday, May 7th between 10AM and 4PM….Children especially welcome – we have something for everyone!


Register today for your chance to win a Grand Prize of a Toronto Zoo Wild Encounters Tour for your family! There will also be three secondary prizes of a 1-Year Family Membership to the Toronto Zoo.

Registration is free and no purchase is necessary! Full set of contest rules can be found here.



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